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Kairos, Greek for "a time with God", is Marin Catholic’s most poignant retreat program and offered to seniors. Although seniors attend one Kairos, Marin Catholic provides Kairos in fall, winter, and spring. Kairos is a three night, four-day, student-led retreat. The team of leaders, comprised of students, members of the Campus Ministry team, and other faculty and staff members, meet six weeks prior, to organize and prepare for their leadership in the upcoming retreat. During the retreat, students and adult leaders share presentations centered on the key themes of knowing oneself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, recognizing and responding to God's call, and living the message of Christ.

There is space for approximately fifty retreatants on each retreat held at Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park. The days are filled with a rigorous 8:00am-10:30pm agenda. Students spend their time "unplugged" in the beautiful redwoods personally reflecting on their own relationships with God, family, and friends, while listening to talks, responding in journals and small groups, and spending silent time alone.

Other activities during the retreat seek to promote and build community, foster trust, and openness, and encourage reflection. Retreatants are given the gift of time, something all too rare in our modern everyday lives. Kairos 
establishes trust. Students speak of their joys, hopes, and sorrows in ways new and rewarding to them. Family and friends become integral to participants thoughts and prayers.