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During a student's time at Marin Catholic, counselors introduce the concept of college and career pathways, assess and counsel students about their interests, and help students make connections between their current academic progress and future college plans. Counselors help students understand the relationship between consistent efforts in school and success in college. Counselors provide guidance to juniors and seniors as they engage in the college search, selection, and application process.  Junior and Senior families are encouraged to attend the department’s educational events related to the college search and application process.

Family Connection (web-based resource powered by, and sometimes also called, Naviance) is a "one-stop shop" that contains many of the guidance and college counseling tools students will utilize throughout the college search/application during their tenure at Marin Catholic.

Junior and senior students receive systematic college counseling. Parents are encouraged to consult with their student's counselor during the college search, selection, and application process. Parents of sophomores, juniors, and seniors are encouraged to attend college and financial aid information nights sponsored by the Department.

College Application Week for Seniors

In order to minimize stress and maximize support with our seniors’ applications, Marin Catholic designates one week (usually mid-October) for seniors to work on college applications and personal statements instead of attending their regular classes.  During College Application Week, students participate in workshops facilitated by the Counseling Department and various College Representatives.

College Project for Juniors

Juniors participate in a comprehensive college-planning project. They use Family Connection for much of their research, elements of which include an online personality profile, research about related majors, a college search, and collection of information on specific colleges and universities. They also complete a questionnaire and a survey to prepare information typically needed on college applications and in college recommendations. Juniors meet with their counselor in the spring to review the information generated in this project.

College Fairs and Case Studies Program

In the spring, countrywide and regional college fairs are available, and juniors are required, as a part of the College Project, to attend at least one of these fairs. Junior students and their parents are also invited to participate in the Case Studies Program for selective college admissions. They join admissions representatives from over 90 colleges from across the country to become part of a simulated admissions committee that reviews applications from high school seniors.  Following the case studies sessions, the students and parents join the representatives in the gym for a college fair.

College Admissions Representatives

In the fall season, nearly 100 college representatives visit the Marin Catholic campus.  These visits are open to all students. Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to sign up for these visits in Family Connection.