Dear Parents:

Choosing the high school that is the best fit for your child is a significant undertaking but well worth the effort. It is important to recognize that the high school experience is much more than preparation for a university education. During these four years, all aspects of our students’ lives are under intense development and at Marin Catholic we believe that it is our role to nurture and inspire the personal, social, and spiritual aspects of each of our students. We are confident that we can harness the gifts of each student by providing a wide range of opportunities for both individual growth and development as community leaders.

Marin Catholic’s mission is distinct. As a Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school with a powerful vision, we believe that learning is both a scholarly and experiential endeavor. Accordingly, we not only offer an excellent academic program, including 25 different Honors and AP courses, but also encourage our students to make commitments to each other through team sports and clubs and to the greater community through our extensive Christian Service program. We boast high SAT scores and acceptance rates to the finest colleges and universities around the country, but we are equally proud of our emphasis on the development of social responsibility and faith formation in our graduates.

Marin Catholic’s continuing success is largely a result of the exceptional and committed faculty and staff who approach their role as educators as both career and vocation. As a result, our programs provide a path for self-discovery and intellectual and personal development in a supportive community; all reasons that Marin Catholic has been the college prep of choice for Bay Area students for over sixty years.

God Bless,

Meet our Admissions Team

Janie Rockett 

Director of Admissions
Tim Navone
Chris Valdez