MC Performing Arts Department presents
their Fall Play...


NOVEMBER 3-5, 6:00pm
NOVEMBER 6, 2:00pm
ACT I: ALFRESCO (bring appropriate outerwear & blankets)

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ACT One is alfresco at the fountain
ACT Two will be held in the PAC
O, I am Fortune’s Fool! (Romeo)
William Shakespeare composed this howl over 400 years ago.  But has anything really changed?  Are any of us actually in control….even now?  Especially now?
Universal themes of love, hate, friendship, rivalry, rage, joy, grief, revenge and fate  - the timeless essence of the human condition - come alive with Marin Catholic’s 2016 production of Romeo & Juliet, opening November 3 and playing for one weekend only.  Shakespeare’s heightened text is the perfect match for this heightened, yet recognizable reality.  Set in the here and now (with a twist), the MC actors explore modern problems of blind hate, mad passion and dysfunctional family relationships, of poor communication, hot tempers and postal strikes.
Act One in the Courtyard - stretching the actors to move, project, and communicate their story, the MC courtyard in twilight is a magical setting for a comedy of young love and mischievous friendship.  Everything is going beautifully towards the inevitable happy ending...until things go terribly wrong.
Act Two in the PAC - nightfall, candlelight, highly questionable parenting, and, ultimately, graveyards.  Experience the tragedy in our revamped thrust theatre.
This field-bed is too cold for me to sleep (Mercutio)
Act One takes place over approximately 45 minutes of Marin’s variable weather.  Please dress warmly, and be prepared to enjoy an adventure. Warm yourself a cup of hot chocolate.  Don’t worry - in the event of actual rain we’ll decamp to an alternate location. 
Send me word...where and what time thou wilt perform (Juliet)
Please note our unusually early start time of 6pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  This is in order to catch the last half hour of natural light before the day (and the fate of the star-cross’d lovers) falls into darkness.
Sunday’s final matinee performance will begin at 2:00pm.