The Academic Guidance and College Counseling program is an essential part of the total education process at Marin Catholic.  The counselors are committed to the education of the whole person. We work to enhance the personal, social, spiritual, educational, and career growth of each student.  We recognize students need a developmental approach to learning and the life skill experiences. Therefore, we view school counseling as developmental in nature, building upon previously learned skills.

The program’s mission is to provide academic and personal support services that will assist each student to develop the highest degree of personal responsibility and growth.  Emphasis is placed on academic preparation and course scheduling; decision-making; social development; and especially on the college search, selection and application process.

When students enter Marin Catholic they are assigned a counselor who remains their counselor throughout the entire four years.  This designation allows the counselor to build relationships with both the student and parent/s. Although students are assigned to a particular counselor, the department maintains an open-door policy that supports students are able to meet with any counselor in the department depending on the situation, their counselor's availability, or other factors.  Counselors have contact with the students in a variety of formats: individually, small groups, classroom guidance, and class-level assemblies.  Counselors are available to meet with students at their request or by referrals of parents or school personnel.

College Representatives

College representatives wishing to schedule a visit to the school should contact Mrs. Renee Ewert at or 415-464-3830.

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