Art Trips are designed to give our students a deeper and more enriching perspective into the art world. Our goal is to expose our students to art experiences and art communities beyond the bay area. We consistently travel to New York City to visit major museums, watch Broadway musicals, and listen to live music in Greenwich Village. We aim to see art in action beyond academia. To that end we engage our students in many coastal overnight workshops and hands-on art retreats where students develop new skills and techniques in places like Carmel, Fort Bragg, and the Mendocino Art Center.  In addition we travel over the summer months with our students to various international locations to absorb the rich art cultures and diverse landscapes.  These locations have included Cambodia, Costa Rica, Fiji, and Italy.  Art Trips is constantly evolving and growing as a program with many more exciting possibilities emerging. Our goal is to provide at least 1-2 Art Trip experiences every year.