The performing arts program at Marin Catholic is designed to assist the student actor of all levels in developing a sense of comfort and ease in front of an audience, a fluid expressiveness, and a broadened sense of the role theater plays in today's society as well as in societies of the past.

2018 Spring Musical: 13 Past Midnight


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"Acting class has been like a refuge for me. A refuge from all the worries and hardships of life. A chance to be who I want to be and a place where everything seems possible."
-Katherine Arnaud '16
"Through fun games, scenes, monologues and surprise activities, one class forms a bond of support that just makes it seem almost magical."
- Lena Hymel '16
"Acting class isn't just a place to to learn how to act, it's a place to let your guard down, express yourself in new ways, learn about yourself, meet new friends and be apart of an ever inclusive family. My least favorite day of the week, is the day I don't have acting."
- James Groh '14
"The Performing Arts Center is like a second home for me and for many of the other students here at Marin Catholic, but to be truly honest, it's really the program and teacher that make up the greatness that the Drama Department really is. There are no talents you can't attain, no skills you can't learn, you are not bound to learn a set curriculum but rather anything you set your mind to, and you can achieve it within this department."
- James Barton '16