Junior Service Retreat
Ongoing throughout the year
Each religious studies class goes to St. Anthony's Dining Hall in San Francisco. Students spend the day putting the gospel values into action by serving the homeless. The program is both educational and hands-on. Students learn about the demographics of the marginalized in our society and then head off to serve those in need. Some students attend to the elderly that live in the Tenderloin by interacting with them at a senior center, others bring meals to shut-ins, and many serve right at St. Anthony's Dining Room serving up plates for the guests. All students join the St. Anthony's community for lunch and then hear from one of the clients that are in the rehabilitation program. This witnessing of a life caught in the turmoil of addiction is a poignant reminder to the teens on why one should make healthy choices. A visit to the beautiful St. Boniface Church and a reflection and journaling back on campus allows for a deeper retrospective of the day.