Marin Catholic’s mission to educate the whole person includes a comprehensive Health & Wellness program that proactively seeks to provide education, resources and support to address teen issues.   A rotation of relevant topics are chosen based on observations and behaviors of the student body as well as current trends.  These topics then drive the efforts to select speakers for student assemblies and parent education events.

Marin Catholic hosts four Health & Wellness events each year for our student population.  Each year we host two Class Level Meetings where grade/age level topics are discussed as well as two Student Assemblies where more general, school-wide topics are addressed.  These events are planned by the Student Affairs Committee and are focused on the chosen annual topic.

Students who are concerned about their own emotional well-being, or that of a peer, should consult with a school counselor or trusted adult.  Our school counselors can make a confidential referral to our on-campus Therapeutic Counselors who provide crisis management and short term therapy for students and parents. The Counselors may also provide referrals for individual and family therapy outside of the school community.  

Marin Catholic’s Therapeutic Counselors provide a safe environment for the following:
•Crisis management
•Alcohol and drug assessment
•Assessment of students at risk
•Alcohol and drug prevention education and intervention 

Parent Education Events are calendared each semester to further reinforce the selected topic. We hope to provide parents, as primary educators of their children, with resources, strategies and information to help navigate the teen years.  Health & Wellness email newsletters from the Assistant Principal for Student Life are sent monthly in an effort to bring current research, practices and helpful information to our parent community.  The topics may be connected to specific issues or concerns within our school community or may address more general health & wellness topics.   

There is a concerted effort made to communicate with parents, students and school staff to be sure that all members are aware of the efforts being made to educate our community regarding health & wellness topics.

Storytelling Event

This year's Health & Wellness Program theme is Anti-Bullying and Respectful Relationships. Through our storytelling event, we invited students and faculty members to share their own, authentic stories revolving around the theme "Busted”. Students and faculty shared personal, authentic stories of how lessons are learned after experiences that leave us feeling broken or hurt. The goal was to provide an opportunity for student voice, while creating a community event that allowed students to know and understand each other as unique individuals. We feel very proud of our students, both the storytellers and the audience.
Click here to watch the videos.


  • Substance Use & Abuse
  • Stress and its effect on the Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Anti-Bullying/Respectful Relationships
  • Promoting Positive Self Image
In addition to the annual themes drug and alcohol education is consistently on the forefront of our educational efforts and communication.