Marin Catholic is proud to be among the schools participating in Be the Influence (BTI) Marin, a community parent group which seeks to reduce the unacceptably high rates of teen alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use throughout Marin County.

Be the Influence has been adopted by eight schools, including the five Tam Unified High School District schools, Branson, Marin Catholic and San Domenico High Schools.
Join forces with other parents
Be the Influence Marin asks parents to use their best efforts to take a few key measures – such as hosting for-teens-only, supervised alcohol- and drug-free parties and networking with other parents. We hope that, in doing so, more families will feel empowered to do the same.  Joining consists of electronically “signing” a simple Parent Commitment.  
Contact other parents involved
Each parent who makes the BTI Commitment will receive a link to the Marin Catholic Parent Participant List generated by signups. Please note that our list will stay within the Marin Catholic community.
We encourage Marin Catholic families to consider joining Be the Influence and our growing community of concerned parents. Parenting teens is a challenging job and there is no way to control every aspect of teens’ lives, but we can control what we do as adults. With parent participation, we can successfully and positively "be the influence" in our teen’s lives with respect to alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use.

BTI Parent Participation

If you have already signed the "BTI" Parent Participation commitment you should have received an email which gave you the link to the "BTI" Parent Participation List. If you need it again or never received it, click here and let us know.