Mission Statement

The mission of the Social Media and Safety Initiative is to provide MC students and their parents with the education, guidelines, policies and resources necessary for students to engage in social media, both inside and outside of school, in a safe manner that is consistent with the School’s core values of faith, knowledge and service.  The Initiative will educate the MC community about social media and its many benefits and pitfalls.  We will develop guidelines for parents and students to utilize outside of school and policies that students will adhere to related to all school-related social media.  Finally, we will provide resources necessary for the MC community to learn more about this topic and will continually refresh the material we develop as social media and technology change.

Social Media Safety Tips for Families

List of 5 items.

  • Talk regularly to your kids about technology.

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  • Be aware of what you post online.

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  • Once it’s posted, it never really goes away.

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  • Be safe online.

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  • Establish family guidelines.

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Internet Safety Events at MC

Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age

MC Families were invited to view the documentary Screenagers in the Fall of 2016. Screenagers addresses the impact of the digital age on children and how to help them minimize harmful effects and find balance. Following the film, a panel of teachers and students spoke on their experiences about living in this digital world and how it pertains to Marin Catholic’s Mission, technology at MC and being a digital teenager in Marin county.
"When you put something in writing through any source of technology, it will be there forever, it never goes away. If you make a mistake, like take a picture, just know that it will follow you into your future."  
Joey Calcaterra, Class of 2017

FBI Agents Speaks to MC Families

FBI Special Agent Dan Costin spoke to MC parents and students in the Fall of 2016, giving MC Families a glimpse of real life internet threats to the safety of our teens. Marin Catholic’s Education Technology Specialist spoke of ways we can work together as a community to keep our teens safe and smart online.
“It was  an interesting talk on Tuesday night and I enjoyed going.  If you read the terms and conditions of social media sites, you may find that all photos posted are now their property. For example Snapchat. I personally feel that this is a great event and they should occur more often as many students are oblivious to these facts. They don't know what will come to haunt them in the future when searching for a job or attempting to get into a first choice college.”
-Nathan Wilson, Class of 2020