Marin Catholic Parents' Association is for everyone! MCPA is the organization that helps connect parents to the school and one another. The MCPA is responsible for the many community and social events that happen during the year, including parent-student dances and grade-level socials. MCPA is also responsible for many of our volunteer opportunities. Families often report that their best friendships were made during their hours of volunteer service with other fantastic people!

Mission Statement

To promote and foster communication, respect and mutual understanding among MC parents, teachers, staff and students by supporting the MC tenets of Faith, Knowledge and Service. The MCPA encourages and facilitates parent involvement and participation in fundraising and community outreach. The MCPA also fosters the spirit of friendship and inclusiveness throughout the MC community by sponsoring community-building activities.

Archdiocesan Policy Regarding Event Income
"It is the policy of the Archdiocese that income from events be unrestricted as to its use (i.e., available for use in paying normal operating expenses or as the school otherwise sees fit). For this reason, events should not be promoted in such a way that potential donors might believe that the funds raised are for a specific purpose. If the school wishes to sponsor an event to raise funds for a specific purpose (e.g., the kick-off of a capital campaign to raise funds to build a new auditorium), this will require written approval of the Archbishop before the event is either announced or publicized."

The MCPA requires that all event chairs or board members be current members of the MCPA.

Bylaws will be posted soon. If you have a question concerning the bylaws, please contact our MCPA Presidents.
Mary Beth Sinnott
Lorena Garbarino

Thank you for your patience.