Marin Catholic Parents' Association is for everyone! MCPA is the organization that helps connect parents to the school and one another. The MCPA is responsible for the many community and social events that happen during the year, including parent-student dances and grade-level socials. MCPA is also responsible for many of our volunteer opportunities. Families often report that their best friendships were made during their hours of volunteer service with other fantastic people!


The Boosters Club is a group of parents and friends who support ALL men and women teams included in the MC Athletic Program.  Marin Catholic recognizes the value of athletics as part of the total learning experience.  The Boosters support our athletes by promoting Awareness, Appreciation, and Attendance as well as raising money for projects and supplies not covered by the school's general fund.


The Patrons of the Arts was founded in the spirit of Marin Catholic’s mission to educate the whole child and to enhance the arts at Marin Catholic. We are the parent organization that supports music, theater, ceramics, photography, painting and drawing here at Marin Catholic. Over two thirds of students take some form of art here, there is much work to do and lots of ways to help!!!