Annual Fund

To donate to the Annual Fund, click here. 

Your contribution to the Marin Catholic Annual Fund is essential.  The Annual Fund is our highest priority fundraising effort of the year, and 100% participation is our goal. Because tuition doesn't cover the full cost of educating our students, we have the Annual Fund to close this gap.  By doing this, parents can get a tax-deduction for this part of their child's education.

Marin Catholic is able to offer the highest quality education, built on the pillars of Faith, Knowledge, and Service, because of the tremendous investment that people like you make in the children each year. Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of the robust academic and extracurricular experiences that our students benefit from daily.

We all have to make choices about how and where to spend our personal finances, but the students appreciate your careful consideration and generous giving.

 Cornerstone Club**  $12,000
 President's Circle**  $6,000
 Principal's Club*  $3,000
 Blue and White Club  $1,500
 Marin Catholic Club  $500
 Wildcat Club  Gifts up to $499

** The Cornerstone Club and President's Circle include a dinner with the President.
* The Principal's Level includes a reception with the Principal.


We ask all parents of incoming students to make a multi-year pledge of support to the Annual Fund.  This ensures a known level of support for our programs each year and helps us keep tuition increases to a minimum.  Every family’s financial situation is unique and while some stretch to give $25, others are able to give $10,000 or more.  We seek 100% participation from our families and each and every gift is essential to enabling us to provide our students with the highest quality education built on the pillars of faith, knowledge, and service. Click here to contribute today!