The long-term financial stability of the school is bound to the growth of our endowment.  Interest gained from the corpus of the endowment provides direct relief to our families in need.  Gifts to the endowment will last forever!

In 2011, President Tim Navone renamed the tuition assistance endowment to the Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment to honor Bishop Daly's desire to make a Marin Catholic education affordable to all who seek it.  This endowment aggressively responds to the urgent, growing need for Tuition Assistance. In addition, the endowment helps keep tuition costs affordable.  With a short-term goal of $5 million and a long-term goal of $20 million, President Navone continues to seek major gifts in this area.  The capital of these gifts is never touched and can impact children for years to come.

Please give generously to the Bishop Daly Scholarship Endowment to help more deserving and outstanding students achieve their educational goals.

With 100% of our seniors receiving acceptances to college each year, the Bishop Daly Scholarship Endowment creates a unique opportunity for success for more students!

For more information, call President Tim Navone at 415-464-3807.

To donate to the endowment, click here


Last year the need was over $2.4 million
  • Some deserving students could not afford to attend
  • Some families received full tuition at other private schools
  • The need will continue to grow
The Bishop Daly Scholarship Endowment will enhance our student body as it will:
  • Open our doors to more Catholic and Alumni Families
  • Help more families of diverse economic backgrounds
  • Support our mission to keep MC's whole-child education within everyone's reach