The Parent Campus Ministry is a vital presence on campus.  The mission is to support and nurture the faith journeys of MC students, and for parents to strengthen their own faith lives. Parent Campus Ministry is involved in several activities:
  • Supports retreats with prayers, cards, and treats
  • Prepares and hosts the Ash Wednesday Mass, decorates the gym, sings in the parent choir, offers the gifts, Eucharistic ministers, and prayers of the faithful
  • Hosts the Parent Lenten Retreat
  • Facilitates Ryan Mayer's lecture series where he incorporates books on faith - one hour, one day a week for six to eight weeks
  • Brings treats to the faculty lounge after school-wide masses
  • Provides coffee refreshments and fellowship for the parent community after the school-wide masses
  • Lovingly oversees “MC Cares” that gives spiritual and other support to families in need