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Counseling Center

Our counselors work in partnership with faculty and staff to encourage personal, social, spiritual, educational, and career growth of each student. When a family enters MC, they are assigned a counselor who is their point of contact for the family for their entire high school career. This counselor provides social, academic and college counseling. Currently, our nine academic and therapeutic counselors are spread throughout campus because of limited space and the growth of our program. Creating a Counseling Center will ensure students have seamless, ready access to all the resources available for their development and strengthen the network of support for every member of the MC community.

A Word from our Director of Counseling...

Three main points come to mind when I think of the new Counseling Center.

1. A place to call home.
The department offices currently are spread out throughout the four corners of campus. To be housed under the same roof in the same wing makes me so excited! It will allow for our team to flourish even more :)

2. A place to collaborate.
Having guidance and therapeutic counselors on the same floor will allow us to collaborate as a whole unit more efficiently and ultimately serve the students better.

3. A place to welcome visitors.
Since I have been at MC, we have had College reps come on campus for visits and had presentations throughout the school -- Counselor office, JP2, courtyard, Library, Media Center, all over! To be able to have a designated space where all students know where to go when we have a college rep on campus will serve the students greatly! Also, it will allow the counselors to host and show-off Marin Catholic to our reps and make them feel welcome. 

- Director of Counseling, Trevor M. Smyth

A word from our students:

"The counseling department here at MC has been there for me every step of the way, guiding me through difficulties and celebrating my successes. I’m extremely appreciative of how devoted they’ve been to helping me grow and succeed."
- Brendan Schultz '21

"The counseling department at MC enhanced my experience in the sense that I always had someone guiding me through the tough decisions that come with high school (Academics, Athletics, Social issues, etc.) The feeling of knowing you have someone to lean on in a time of uncertainty is extremely beneficial."
- Parker Allen '20
"I am truly lucky to have the guidance and support of my counselor Mr. Smyth, I always can reach out to him with questions or concerns. I really feel fortunate for the counseling department at MC."
-Charlie Allen