The Campaign for Marin Catholic

Renovated Theater

The arts play a vital role in developing our students’ creative and cognitive abilities and connect students to their peers and school community in the most special way. Whether behind the curtain, in the tech booth, on the stage, or in the audience, many of our students are drawn to the theater as a place for expression. 
"The PAC is like a second home for me and a lot of other people, and hearing that it is going to be renovated makes me, as well as many others, very happy and excited for the future!"
- Jason Storms '21

"A newly renovated theater is important for the Drama Department in order to take the quality of our productions to the next level. Not only will it enhance the technology, but it will allow for more freedom to move on the stage, whether it's larger dance numbers, more elaborate dances and scenes, etc. This renovated theater will support the students in feeling proud of their work and the place we call home, which we spend countless hours in. This renovation needs a new backstage area with rooms to change in, updated walls and ceiling, curtains, chairs and storage. This is all to enhance the quality, professionalism, and pride in our Marin Catholic Theater."
- Merrit O'Keefe '21