The Board of Regents is a group of Marin Catholic parents and friends whose purpose is to further the mission and goals of Marin Catholic by advising and supporting the fundraising efforts of the school. Regents serve on at least one board committee, attend conferences and workshops that foster improvement and ensure adequate resources for the school by securing Annual Fund and Capital Campaign contributions.

The Regents were responsible for generating the Strategic Plan and the Marin Catholic Master Plan.


Shannon Alten, Second Vice Chair
Vice President and CFO of Alten Construction, Inc. 
Husband, Bob; children, Bobby '10 and Billy '15

Stacy Miller Azcarate
Founding Shareholder, Miller Sabino Lee, Inc. 
Husband, Don; Child, Dylan '20

Robert S. Basso

Retired Senior Executive Financial Services Industry
Wife, Mary; children, Robert '02, John '04
Michael Bentivoglio
Retired Senior Vice President, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Wife, Deborah Dasovich; children, Katie, Michael '12
Jack Boland '74
Co-Chairman and Founder, Baker Street Advertising
Wife, Sue; children, Ryan '03, Danielle '05, Megan '08
Gregory A. Bullian '76
Wife, Jib; child, Eddie
Fred Craves, PhD*
Managing Partner, Bay City Capital
Children, Ryan '00, Sara '05
David Friend*
Director,  MC Principled Entrepreneurship Institute
Vice President - Alliance Channel, AT&T
Wife, Suzanne; children, Nathaniel ’14; Gillian '18, Caroline
Duane M. Geck*
Partner, Severson & Werson
Wife, Terri; children, Kevin '07, Richard '09, Michelle '12

Drew Gordon
Senior Vice President, Hudson Pacific Properties
Wife, Kim; children, Dawson '18, Chloe '18, Mackenzie

Jono Grayson '06
Talent Acquisition (Data Engineering), Lyft

Ross Guehring '98
Principal, Town Hall Public Affairs
Wife, Dana; children Ella, Tessa
Margaret Jacobsen
Husband, Rich; children Tom '17, Matt '21, Will, Jack

Marcia R. Jervis '61

Retired, Anchor & Mariner Distributing Companies
James Jordan Knopf ’93
Vice President of Sales at NBC Universal, Bay Area
Wife, Kathryn; children, O'Connor '21, Carly and Jimmy

Pamela Lyons
Superintendent of Schools for the San Francisco Archdiocese

George W. Pasha, IV '80, First Vice Chair *
President & CEO, The Pasha Group
Wife, Elyse; children, Cherlyann '10, Savannah '13, Mary Kate '17
Kevin Sharps, Chair
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Wife, Christine; children Lauren '15 and Courtney '18

Anthony Spinale
Private Investor
Wife, Angie Schleicher; Children Ava '21, Alex

* Emeritus