Congratulations to our 2019 Junior Fellows!

Julia Maushardt, Quinn Duggan, Maddie Kessler, and Julia Walker
The Junior Fellowship program at Marin Catholic has given rising seniors an opportunity to pursue an academic passion through research and/or a field study in the summer before their senior year. The purpose of the Junior Fellowship is to support student exploration of an academic interest. Fellows may work in any discipline but the creative effort must be aligned with Marin Catholic's mission and purpose. 

During the summer of 2018, six incoming seniors focused on conducting and completing their Junior Fellowship Projects. The students spend 40 to 80 hours on their unique projects and each came away from the experience as a stronger individual and a leading member of our community.  

2018 Junior Fellows

    • Video editing by Carolyn Mock '19

Sophia Doerschlag

Fellowship and Friendship: A Study on the Reward Theory of Attraction

"Essentially the paper is an accumulation of all of my research on the reward theory of attraction and its implications in the scientific study. I used information from my survey with my class and the events I planned in order to strategize effective ways MC could help students create friendships. ”

Sara Kennedy

Backpacking on the Pacific Coast Trail (PCT)

“I set out to learn what it takes to become an expert backpacker, including how to use a compass, what gear I would need, how to plan my hike each day, how to plan for snow and water, how to make fires, how to survive in emergency situations, where should I camp, and proper trail and camp etiquette. I then set out on a 10 day, 150 mile backpacking trip on the PCT.”

Joey Press

Piano Tuning

“My objective was to understand the functions of the different parts of the piano, how to take apart the frame, how to isolate the strings, and finally, how to use enharmonic relationships to tune the strings to one another.”

Grace Garcia

Creating a Dress

“Fashion has always stood out to me, ever since I was eleven years old. I would create sketches of outfits and dresses I still have with me today. I’ve always had in mind to make those sketches a reality - to see them and feel them as a tangible and wearable creation of my own.

Marisa Davidson

Capturing the Essence of Italy Through Film Photography and Art Techniques

“Photography is in my blood…This project combines skills I have acquired at MC and new skills I learned over the summer. I am so excited to be learning about photo watercoloring,  and I am mastering photo weaving, the cyanotype process, film development, and speaking Italian.”

Maria Tassone

Pretty Sick Animations

“Although I had considerable experience in art prior to this summer, I had never stepped into the realm of digital art. So during the course of the summer, I worked on learning how to utilize my art skills on a completely new, digital level. I really wanted to be able to create a very short film of my own animated creation.” Click here to view the film.