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Christian Service Program

An integral part of the educational experience at Marin Catholic includes the Christian Service graduation requirement, which has students live out the school mission of Duc In Altum in their community. Our Christian service learning, as an educational concept, combines students fulfilling volunteer service in the community, with reflection and discussion in classrooms and on retreats, in order to deepen understanding.  As a school, Marin Catholic hopes that students will reflect on their service, gain understanding about others’ lives to foster compassion, and witness how our society views and interacts with some of our most vulnerable members to cultivate empathy.  The focus is on social justice and Catholic social teachings, and the responsibility each of us has to the greater world around us in living out the gospel values. The Christian Service program is project based and also connects to the curriculum in the classroom.

Christian Service Encounter Experience

What Is An Encounter?
Jesus invites all of us to have a personal relationship with Him. An encounter is about entering into this relationship through real, authentic experiences and recognizing His presence in our lives as well as in others.

Each year, students will have the opportunity to participate in Encounter Experiences in the spirit of Saint Teresa of Calcutta. These experiences will directly serve the elderly, people with disabilities, the marginalized, and the Catholic parishes in our local communities. Students are able to take advantage of the Encounter Experiences by visiting local elderly care facilities, making trips to St. Anthony’s in San Francisco, as well as attending events through Marin Catholic’s partnership with local non-profit organizations. 

Christian Service Encounter Project

As part of the Christian Service graduation requirement, a Christian Service Encounter Project is completed. The goal and intention of Marin Catholic’s Christian Service Encounter Project is to have students volunteer consistently in our community to form lasting relationships with people of marginalized communities, alongside local organizations, and to perform meaningful service that is attainable for everyone. Christian Service Encounter projects are proposed freshman year, completed in sophomore and junior years, and presented senior year.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award

Saint Teresa of Calcutta is the patron saint of our Christian Service Program at Marin Catholic. In the spirit of Saint Teresa, “Mother Teresa” and in celebrating the mission of her life’s work of service to any and all in need, all students are eligible to earn the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award at graduation by completing Encounter Experiences at each grade level, their Encounter Project and a minimum of 100 total Christian Service hours. 


Mrs. Sally Jaeger
Campus Ministry Associate
Christian Service Coordinator

Mrs. Renee Ewert
Campus Ministry Associate
(415) 464-3850

Student Spotlights


Sisters Kelsey and Hannah perform Christian Service with Hooves for Harmony offering horse therapy to children with special needs at Morning Star Farm in Novato. They focus on nurturing personal development in youth through service and horsemanship. Both sisters are recipients of the 2022 Hooves for Harmony Volunteer of the Year Award.

Swim Across America is an organization that goes all over America running different fundraising events for Cancer Research. 

I had so much fun volunteering for the swim, which was just right across the bridge at Crissy field. 

I do not specifically swim, although you can.  I helped cheer the swimmers on, pass out towels, and check in swimmers. 

This event was special to me because every day people like you and me are affected by cancer, and it is really special to have hundreds of people come together to raise money to fight cancer. 

Marcello has committed himself to spending several hours each week tutoring two of our favorite faces here at MC! Ashley (2nd grade) and Warlyn (8th grade) are the children of our MC facilities employee, Henri Diaz. Henri was able to move his family from Guatemala in November 2021. They are all happy to be together and are thriving in no small part because of the dedication to their favorite MC friend, Marcello!


Sara Performs Christian Service with SOMA Aquatics where she provides basic swimming instruction and pool access to all children in any community of Marin County. In collaboration with great local organizations and local volunteers, SOMA has been able to offer hundreds of youth from Marin City and the Canal community of San Rafael the opportunity to have regular access to pools and to learn to swim.

As the leader of our MC Chess Club, Frankie has taken his skills to the next level in the community and volunteers with Saint Isabella School’s Chess Club. He spends two hours each week dedicated to teaching young students the game of chess and practicing their moves on the board. This month Frankie is also organizing and hosting our own MC Chess Tournament on May 14th!