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Students that enroll in acting classes have the opportunity to engage in a fun and interactive environment designed to help students explore their creative abilities and develop their acting skills. These highly collaborative courses encourage students to engage in a variety of activities that focus on improving their communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally, and work to empathize with others through exploring different characters. 

These hands-on activities help students to build confidence in their acting abilities and develop their own unique style and voice. Students also learn about lighting and sound design skills as we work to create nuanced, technically complex performances. From Acting 1 through Acting 3, courses build upon the skills and knowledge gained in the prior class, taking students to the next level of their acting journey. While all Acting courses focus on developing acting techniques and skills, there are several key differences from class to class. Please discover more about the Marin Catholic Acting classes in the course catalog. 
“I am always laughing here. Everyone is so funny and talented, and I’ve made so many friends in the theater program. It’s the thing I look forward to everyday.” MC Freshman

“I love the MC theater community for a few reasons. Everyone is extremely inviting and anyone can join at anytime! We aren't afraid to have fun with each other and we are a very creative, passionate, and loving group. Everyone is accepted and can find their place here.”
-MC Junior