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In 1997, Marin Catholic High School opened the Academic Support Center (ASC) to provide assistance and services to students with diagnosed learning differences. The program currently serves approximately 130 students. These students work with dedicated educators and participate in the voluntary program at no additional cost to families.

At Marin Catholic, the ASC provides guidance and assistance for students with diagnosed learning differences. Our inclusive, neurodiverse community recognizes the unique challenges many of these students face. We strive toward academic and personal success by emphasizing self-monitoring, adaptability, preparation, curiosity, and endurance. The ASC not only assists students and families in understanding their individual learning differences but also teaches strategies to navigate the academic challenges of a college preparatory high school curriculum.

The ASC offers two levels of service for students - ASC classes or regular consultations. Additionally, students may receive weekly support in writing assignments across the curriculum at the ASC Writing Studio

Frosh and Sophomore student options:
1) ASC 9 & 10: Students may enroll in our executive functioning and metacognitive skills classes ­to develop their skills in time management, prioritization of work, test preparation, individual learning strategies, and communication skills. This elective course is offered for credit toward graduation.
2) Consultation: ­Meet regularly with the ASC team for individualized guidance.  

Junior and Senior student options:
1) ASC 11 & 12: These Independent Study Classes allow time for self-guided work, test preparation, and college applications with the advantage of direct support from the  ASC  team.
2) Consultation: Meet regularly with the ASC team for individualized guidance.