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The Marin Catholic Performing Arts Department is a comprehensive program of musical and dramatic expression that is built into the cultural and religious fiber of the Marin Catholic community. Students will develop the skills to prepare themselves for the professional, academic, and religious worlds. Achieving this goal requires a multifaceted approach. Firstly, the students will receive instruction in theory, and technique from MC faculty and industry professionals alike. Secondly, students will prepare for life as a performer in the 21st century. They will be immersed in the technologies of today, and apply those skills in original, contemporary, and multidisciplinary ensembles. Exposure to a myriad of styles, medium, and performing opportunities are emphasized as a key component of development. Finally, students will be empowered with ownership of, and leadership within, the performing arts program. Students can organize their own groups, and design and run their own shows. With this set of skills and experiences, graduates will be ready to succeed in both academia and professional industries.

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