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The Marin Catholic curriculum is designed to provide a challenging, college preparatory experience for all students. Along with the development and enhancement of essential skills, the required course of study encourages exploration and self-evaluation. Successfully completing the academic program, which includes choosing the most rigorous course of study, qualifies students for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities. Click here to view college acceptances for the Class of 2022.

Typical Freshman Schedule

  • English / Honors English
  • Theology
  • Algebra 1 / Accelerated Algebra 1 / Geometry / Honors Geometry
  • World Language (Italian or Spanish)
  • Foundations of History I /Honors Foundations of History I
  • Biology / Honors Biology
  • Elective (Visual Arts, Performing Arts)

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to pursue a course of study which includes enrollment in seven year-long academic classes each year and leads to the completion of a minimum of 260 total credits:
  • 4 years of History (40 credits)
  • 4 years of English (40 credits)
  • 3 years of Mathematics to include Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II (30 credits)
  • 2 years of Science to include one Life Science and one Physical Science (20 credits)
  • 2 consecutive years of World Language (20 credits)
  • 1 year of Visual or Performing Arts (10 credits)
  • 4 years of Theology (40 credits)
  • Electives to complete 260 credits
  • 100 hours of Christian Service throughout the 4 years with segmented deadlines throughout this time
  • Freshmen day retreat and a mandatory sophomore retreat
  • Successful Completion of Big CATS Program
  • Completion of the College Project for Juniors

Honors and AP

Honors and AP classes offer a more challenging curriculum to students. Advanced Placement and other Honors courses are designed to provide students with the opportunity for more advanced and in-depth study of a particular subject and offer the possibility of college credit by passing the exams.

Students qualify for Honors Courses and Advanced Placement Classes on the basis of academic work done at Marin Catholic. In addition to meeting subject specific requirements and prerequisites, a student typically must have an overall grade point average of 3.5 or better, and a grade point average of 3.7 or better in the subject area(s) for which the student is applying. Students are asked to take Honors or AP courses that they both qualify for academically and are also deeply interested in.
Grade 9
Honors Biology
Honors English 9
Honors Geometry*
Honors Foundations of History I

Grade 10
Honors English 10
Honors Algebra II*
Honors Chemistry
Honors Spanish 3*
Honors Foundations of History II

Grade 11
AP Biology*
AP Chemistry*
AP English Language
AP Environmental Science*
AP Psychology*
AP Spanish*
AP U.S. History
Honors Art III*
Honors Italian III
Honors Physics
Honors Pre-Calculus*

Grade 12
AP Art Studio: 2D Design
AP Art Studio: 3D Design
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
AP Computer Science
AP English Literature
AP Government
AP MacroEconomics*
AP Physics
AP Statistics*
Honors Theology 12

*These courses may be taken in subsequent years than listed.
Marin Catholic offers a full complement of Advanced Placement courses in order to ground our most challenging courses in an established, nationally recognized curriculum. The following subjects typically succeed in passing rates of 70% or higher:  Biology, Calculus AB, Computer Science, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, Psychology, Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art Drawing Portfolio, and U.S. History.


Each semester, an academic grade point average (GPA) is determined twice, at the end of the quarter and again at the end of the semester.  It is based on the grades earned in all classes with the following exceptions: Independent Study, and Teacher Assistantships. Separately, the quarter and semester GPAs are used to determine eligibility for participation in extracurricular and/or athletic activities.  In addition, the semester GPA is used to determine eligibility for the MC Honor Roll and Dean’s List. A cumulative GPA using semester grades starting freshman year is also calculated. Both cumulative 9th -12th grade weighted and 10th -12th grade weighted GPAs are reported to colleges and universities on a student’s transcript, as well as 9th -12th grade unweighted GPAs. The cumulative, weighted GPA is used to determine Graduation with Academic Distinction, Life Membership in the Honor Roll or Dean’s List.


Grade Point Equivalents:
Honors and AP classes earn an extra grade point for A, B or C grades.

A 4.0
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- 0.7
F 0