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The Marin Catholic Music Department is a vibrant program that is deeply rooted in the cultural and religious life of the community. It provides students with the tools to succeed in their musical pursuits and prepares them for both the academic and professional world. In this program, students will receive expert instruction in music theory, technique, and musicianship from experienced teachers and industry professionals. They will also be exposed to cutting-edge music technologies, and will participate in contemporary, multidisciplinary ensembles to expand their musical repertoire. With opportunities to perform in a variety of styles and to lead their own music groups and events, students will develop a strong sense of ownership and pride in the program. Upon graduation, they will be well-equipped to succeed in their academic and musical pursuits.

Music Offerings

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  • Contemporary Music

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  • Instrumental Music

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  • Music Production

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“The Marin Catholic Music Department is truly a remarkable program that has not only helped me develop my musical abilities but has also given me a sense of community and belonging. The knowledgeable and supportive music teachers, as well as the diverse performance opportunities, have allowed me to grow as a musician and as a person. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic and enriching program."