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After 4 years with the Marin Catholic Counseling Department, the MC graduate at Graduation will be rooted in the four cardinal virtues:

Students will exhibit prudence (sound judgment). They will be: 
  • Self-advocates with an ability to recognize when they need help and know how to seek assistance.
  • Critical Thinkers who seek to collaborate and consider other perspectives. 
  • Problem Solvers with the skills to navigate different scenarios and function outside of parental jurisdiction.
  • Lifelong learners who are confident and prepared for their next steps in college and career. 

Students will demonstrate justice (fairness). They will be: 
  • Agents of positive change who enter the 21st world/workplace with compassion and a sense of social responsibility. 
  • Community members who express gratitude and get involved as citizens of the diverse and changing world. 
  • Planners who consider their lifelong goals and the steps they need to achieve them. 
  • Prayerful and Reflective in their thoughts and actions.
Students will exhibit fortitude (courage). They will have:
  • Perseverance to get through difficult times and hope to know that no matter how difficult life can be, they are never alone and they have God to turn to.
  • Knowledge of how to learn and what skills they need to be successful both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Strong Work Ethic to meet the demands of both school and life. 
  • Commitment to all that they are involved in and see their obligations through. 
Students will demonstrate temperance (self control). They will: 
  • Make healthy and mature decisions as they grow personally. 
  • Know how to balance family, academics, extracurriculars, and social obligations.
  • Set goals for their personal inquiry and growth.
  • Have healthy habits that nourish them both spiritually and physically.