Athletic Grievance Policy

Marin Catholic supports its coaches’ decisions on playing time and game strategy. In virtually every case of a grievance regarding playing time or strategy, the coach’s decision is final. If a student or parent does have a grievance of another nature, the following procedure MUST be employed:

1) The involved student athlete MUST discuss any issue with the coach before parents become involved. The coach should never be contacted at home. Also, a coach should never, under any circumstances, be contacted directly before or shortly after a contest.

2) If a grievance still exists after the first step in the process, the student athlete and his/her parents may schedule a meeting with the coaching staff.

3) If a grievance still exists after the meeting with the coaching staff, the student athlete and/or family may submit, in writing, the grievance to the Athletic Director. At this point the Athletic Director and the student athlete and/or family will meet with the coach.