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Marin Catholic has a four year comprehensive Retreat Program that cultivates intellectual, spiritual and social development for students that builds  on their previous experiences. Every school year, each class is offered a retreat experience. Programs range in scope as their spiritual journey deepens. Marin Catholic students are taken off campus to participate in these retreat experiences. 

Freshman Retreat

Freshman year begins with students considering their own faith journey. The Freshmen Retreat is a one day retreat at the College of Marin Jonas Center that brings together the entire Freshman class. This day is led by upperclassmen who exemplify what it means to be “Brothers and Sisters in Christ.” Through small group activities, games, skits and witness talks, the retreat unites the Freshmen to be “one body in Christ” where every part of the body is important, necessary and valued. This day serves to bring them to a common place of shared experience and shared memories. A class Mass is held on this day which is the first bookend to their Baccalaureate Mass at the end of their senior year.

Sophomore Retreat

There are four sophomore retreats offered throughout the year, two in the fall and two in the spring. The Sophomore retreat is a mandatory overnight experience at Alliance Redwoods in Occidental that focuses on developing the spiritual and social life of our students. Our retreat theme is “Strengthening Your CORE.” The students devote time to physically strengthening their cores with fun games and exercises to mirror the time they will spend purifying and strengthening their inner cores with prayer, discussion, and reflection.

Junior Retreat

The Junior retreat seeks to answer the question “What does it mean to be Anchored in Christ?” The daily walk with the Lord is challenging; yet the promise of Christ is that we can place complete trust and faith in Him and this will give us the strength we need to stand firm in faith.

The Junior Retreat is an optional overnight experience at the University of the Redlands - San Anselmo Campus, that focuses on developing the spiritual and social dimensions of our students. Along with our school motto, “Duc In Altum,” where Christ challenges us to cast our nets, indeed our very lives into the deep; the theme of the Junior Retreat is “Anchored in Christ.” Students spend time examining the various tensions and depths they experience in their junior year of high-school through hands-on activities and games, student and adult testimonies, small and large group discussions, prayer and sacramental experiences, as well as individual reflection. There is also ample time for meals and recreation, so students can get to know their classmates.

Senior Retreat - Kairos

Senior year witnesses students taking ownership of their own faith journeys through the four day senior Kairos Retreat held at Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park. Kairos, Greek for "God’s time", is Marin Catholic’s culminating retreat program encompassing offered to seniors. Seniors attend one of the Kairos retreats, which are offered in the fall, winter, and spring. Kairos is a three night, four-day, student-led retreat. In addition to student leaders, members of the Campus Ministry team, and other faculty and staff members work together to lead the retreat. Leaders meet for weeks prior to the retreat in formation, to organize and prepare for their leadership. During the retreat, students and adult leaders share presentations centered on the key themes of knowing oneself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, recognizing and responding to God's call, and living the message of Christ.

Students spend their time "unplugged" in a beautiful space personally reflecting on their own relationships with God, family, and friends, while listening to talks, responding in journals and small groups, and spending silent time alone in prayer. Students receive Reconciliation and  the Holy Eucharist

Other activities during the retreat seek to promote and build community, foster trust, and openness, and encourage reflection. Retreatants are given the gift of time, something all too rare in our modern everyday lives. Kairos establishes trust. Students speak of their joys, hopes, and sorrows in ways new and rewarding to them. Family, friends, faculty and staff all become integral to participants' thoughts and prayers.