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Ceramics Room

The ceramics space is equipped with wheels for the budding potter and work tables for the sculpting enthusiast. Adjacent to the ceramics room are three modern large format kilns to fire work to completion. Additionally, there is an independent studio exclusively for the use of advanced ceramics students who are enrolled in the AP Studio Art 3-D Design program. This space is designed to give students complete autonomy throughout the creative process.


Photography & Art I Classrooms

The Photography and Art I classrooms are housed within the same building as the ceramics studio. Marin Catholic possesses a viable darkroom capable of holding fifteen students, and ten iMac computers equipped with the latest photo software. This workspace also holds twenty-four draft tables with natural lighting for students to share and use during class.

Advanced Art Rooms

Across the courtyard and below the Student Center is the Advanced Drawing and Painting room and an AP Studio Art: 2-D space. Within this workspace are twenty-six draft tables, an iMac computer, a scanner, a 36 x 48 light table, and two oversized cutting boards. There are two 6 x 10 foot recycled cork boards available to present artwork for critique or reflection and to prompt discussion. The room also houses ample storage space for all materials and unfinished artwork.