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There are over thirty clubs offered at Marin Catholic. Clubs are a great way to get involved and provide learning opportunities outside the classroom as well as possibilities to get to know new people who share and want to explore mutual interests. Marin Catholic encourages student involvement in the development of programs and services that complement their academic pursuits.

All clubs are student-based, student-run and student-centered, although club moderators help by providing guidance. Whether it is providing leadership development opportunities to students, providing chances for students to help plan an event, or assisting in the development of programming and problem solving, Marin Catholic fosters student leaders and supports club organizations that greatly enrich every student's experience.

Club Rush
which takes place in the Fall, is an opportunity to learn more about the clubs on campus. While this is a perfect time to join clubs of interest, students can join at any time throughout the year.

If there isn’t yet a club that speaks to a student’s passion, they are encouraged to take the initiative, talk with our Deans of Students Life, Molly Anibale and John Kunst on how they might start a club!


List of 25 items.

  • Art Club

    The Art Club exists to help nurture and feed the artistic desire in every MC student who wants to connect with his or her inner artist. Regardless of their artistic academic level, the art club provides an outlet and change from a rigorous academic schedule to the hope to establish another forum for communication and personal expression. The Art Club seeks to teach students that they have a voice and talents to be shared and appreciated as they continue on a path to their purpose and gifts at Marin Catholic High School.
    Moderator: Marianne Goyette
  • Bee Club

    As one of the school’s missions, Marin Catholic is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the honeybee. To accomplish that goal, MC puts an emphasis on public education in the value of the honeybee as a pollinator and the perils that it now faces. The club focuses on the education of the novice beekeeper in proper management of a colony. Additional goals of the club include fostering an interest in beekeeping on our the school campus to sponsoring promotions such as harvesting honey, making wax candles, and participating in citizen science projects to monitor the health of the bee colonies at Marin Catholic.
    Moderators: Michael Brady and Peter Berkhout
  • Black Box Theater Club

    This club allows students to collaboratively create a piece of theatre and/or film and taking ownership of all the aspects of production. Fall semester, the club will primarily be made up of writers while they workshop student-written shorts and scenes, to be filmed and edited by the same group later in the semester. This club provides the opportunity for students to be involved in an extracurricular performance and process without the commitment to rehearse multiple days a week.
    Moderators: Molly Bell and  Lily Jackson
  • Butterfly Club

    The Butterfly Club exists to further Marin Catholic's mission of faith, knowledge & service through education and advocating for victims of the butterfly crisis is sweeping America. In the Butterfly Club, students learn about the extinction of monarchs and other butterflies while exploring their symbolism in Catholic and other cultures. Throughout the course of the 2019/2020 school year, the Butterfly Club hopes to implement a conservational garden behind Stations of the Cross that will serve as a Monarch Waystation and habitat for future butterflies, cultivated through the service and volunteer activities of its members. 
    Moderator: Joan Caraluggio:
  • California Scholarship Federation

    The California Scholarship Federation seeks to recognize students with high academic standards. CSF holds a yearly school supply drive to support Marin Catholic’s sister school in El Carmen, El Salvador.
    Moderators: Kate Zamacona and Suzanne Gooder
  • Cancer Awareness Club

    The Cancer Awareness Club raises money to help cancer patients and their families. Over the past few years, the main fundraiser has been in conjunction with the Girls’ League Club during October Breast Cancer Awareness when the club raises hundreds of dollars to donate toward breast cancer research and support of patients. In the spring, the club conducts a “Joy Drive” to raise money for toys to give to pediatric cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment. Additionally, the club works on smaller projects such as putting together craft kits for children. Throughout the year, small groups of students are involved in cancer fundraising walks as well. Moderator: Terrie Freni Johnson
  • ECoMC (Ecology Club of MC)

    ECoMC seeks to engage and support the MC community in its pursuit of a more environmentally sustainable future and reduce Marin Catholic's ecological footprint. Club activities vary from year to year, and have focused in the past on fundraising to support efforts for a school garden, inspirational field trips, collecting/reusing school supplies during end-of-year locker cleanout, leadership opportunities for interested parties, and eliminating the use of disposable plastic water bottles on campus.
    Moderator: Erik Schmitz
  • Fair Trade Club

    Marin Catholic became a fair trade school in 2015 and remains the only Fair Trade school in Marin. The Fair Trade Club works to promote the mission of Fair Trade both on and off campus. They raise awareness about fair trade through two big campus events each semester. Students hope to make a difference in this effort and serve as advocates.
    Moderator: Lynn Maloney
  • Forensic and Criminology Club

    The Forensic and Criminology Club fosters a community where members explore their interest in forensic science through various community projects and events while interacting directly with notable guest speakers in the forensics, criminal, and law fields. Team members will also collaborate and learn about the different aspects of crime scene investigation through regional and state competitions. Through these experiences, we hope our club can educate, connect, and inspire like-minded students. Feel free to reach out to Alisa Zhou at if you have any questions.
    Moderator: Brittany Diego
  • Girls' League Club

    Girls' League is a club meant to bring together all class grades and social groups in order to bond, support and better understand each other through various activities in and out of school. The club works together to create the most trusting and comfortable environment for everyone, where members are respectful and accepting of one another for who they are as individuals. In addition, the club strives to develop a community of girls who can depend on each other and are willing to help one another. Some of the activities the club participates in include: Cancer Awareness week, lunchtime socials, arts and craft activities, positivity challenges as well as hosting guest speakers.
    Moderator: Lisa Ingels
  • Italian Club

    Through activities and outings, students learn about the culture and language of Italy. Attending the San Francisco Opera, enjoying the Italian Film Festival, watching the Columbus Day Parade in San Francisco, preparing Italian food, and discussing current Italian events, promote a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for Italian culture.
    Moderator: Jeanine Gruenwald
  • Math Club

    Math Club includes a group of students who love math and problem-solving and meet to solve interesting and challenging math and logic problems. Students also prepare for and participate in the American Math Competition at Marin Catholic and the TEAMS Competition (Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science) at Stanford University.
    Moderators: Michael Onofre
  • MC Live Club (Performing Arts)

    MC LIVE is a student-run production open to all Marin Catholic students. Anyone can be a part of MC LIVE - it requires no experience and has many opportunities. MC LIVE is created, produced, and performed by students. It is a comedy sketch show that is very similar to the popular show Saturday Night Live. MC LIVE’S main goal is to incorporate students from all aspects of MC and produce an entertaining and funny show for the community.
    Moderator: Molly Bell
  • Model UN

    Model UN is a speech and debate activity in which students act as delegates from various countries in the United Nations to speak, debate, and collaborate on finding solutions to varying world issues. In Model UN club, students learn about how to be great Model UN delegates and participate in mock-conferences while building their diplomacy, leadership, formal communication, and persuasion skills.
    Moderator: Tom Thompson
  • Mock Trial Club

    The Mock Trial program’s purpose at Marin Catholic and in Marin County is to teach students about the judicial system while instilling analytical, communicative, and critical thinking skills. Students gain insight into how they, on a very practical level, have responsibilities and duties as active members of society. Working alongside trained lawyers and judges, students focus on one hypothetical case, created by the Constitutional Rights Foundation, throughout the season. Ultimately the season culminates in a county competition in late January that includes a majority of high schools in Marin County - all competing against one another in separate trials over the course of two weekends. The winner of the county competition then moves onto the state level, and that winner then proceeds to the national competition.
    Moderator: Paul Hamel
  • Multicultural Club

    This group fosters a community within the minority populations at Marin Catholic. The club’s focus is to create a support network for its members and families and provide an intentional space for building bridges to connect all students at Marin Catholic.
    Moderators: Suzanne Gooder and Kate Zamacona
  • Music with a Mission Club

    "Music With A Mission" is a service club that was founded to live out Marin Catholic’s mission of service by bringing music to those in need of company and happiness. This club strives to share the joy of music with our community and unite others in a special way.

    Music With A Mission invites Marin Catholic students to participate in collaborative, musical performances for residents at elderly care facilities. Our meetings are every second and fourth Tuesday of the month during the first half of CATS. During these meetings, members rehearse the songs they will perform during upcoming service trips. Music With A Mission is an enjoyable way to be a leader in your community and spread happiness through music!
    Moderator: Ben Lauffer
  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society promotes four pillars of excellence: Scholarship, Service, Character and Leadership.  This is the purpose of the NHS Club at Marin Catholic.  
    The requirements for the NHS Club are:  
    • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible to join.  Freshman are not eligible. 
    • Students must have a minimum 3.7 cumulative GPA at the time of application to the NHS Club and maintain a minimum GPA throughout each subsequent semester. 
    • Students are required to participate in the Club’s on-campus service activities.  These service activities are separate from the students’ Christian Service school requirement. 
    The NHS Club will hold membership drives, on campus during CATS,  in the months of September and January only.  
    Moderators: Joan Caraluggio: and Jessica Kraus: 
  • Ocean Conservancy Club

    Ocean Conservancy Club exists to clean up our oceans. We raise awareness about how materials, especially plastic, affect the ocean and ways to keep our oceans healthy. We learn about implementing small lifestyle changes to have maximum impact on conservation. Club activities include fundraising for ocean preservation charities, attending super cool beach cleanups, promoting awareness about the dangers of trash on our environment, and brainstorming about beach cleanups. We have meetings monthly and before a beach cleanup. This club is a fun way to get to know students in other grade levels, go to the beach, and protect our oceans!
    Moderator: Joe Ward
  • Outer Space Club

    The Outer Space Club was created to encourage an interest in the vast universe itself. By exploring on stargazing trips (with our impressive telescope) and stirring up intellectual discussions (ranging from star formation to dark matter), we hope to gain some more knowledge about the strange and mysterious universe we inhabit. No prior knowledge is necessary! We just hope to spark an interest in anyone who is curious about what the broad universe may contain.
    Moderator: Peter Berkhout
  • Roar Core

    Roar Core is a student group that promotes school spirit at Games of the Week, as well as MCAL Championship and NCS Championship games. MC Sports Live supports Roar Core by covering different athletic events through recap videos and social media updates. The main goal of Roar Core and MC Sports Live is to show support for every athletic team on campus.  Anyone can join and is encouraged to get involved- the easiest way to do this is to show up at a game and demonstrate your Wildcat pride.
    Moderators: Adam Callan, Lynn Maloney and Gina Jaeger
  • St. Vincent de Paul Club

    The St. Vincent de Paul Club is an organized group of individuals that work to raise awareness on international issues such as slavery, oppression, and health concerns. The club collects clothes for local drives every January, receives donations for overseas causes during Lent and holds regular bake sales in support of worthy causes.
    Moderator: Joe Tassone
  • Students for Life Club

    The Respect Life Club is an organization of faculty members and students whose mission is to uphold the dignity of human life. The club promotes belief in the sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of every human person from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. The club participates in 40 Days for Life and the West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco, volunteers at Pregnancy Centers, hosts an “Adopt-A-Mom” fundraiser to help at-risk mothers, and supports pro-life events in our community.
    Moderators: Sr. Karol Joseph
    and Orin Carpenter
  • Theater Tech Club

    This club allows students to explore all the technical aspects of live theatre and work on practical projects to support the various performing arts projects throughout the semester.
    Moderators: Molly Bell and Lily Jackson
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook is comprised of a small group of students with a passion for photography, layout, design, and journalism. Students on yearbook are dedicated to documenting and publishing the school yearbook. Students learn and improve on their journalism, writing, editing and photography skills, as well as teamwork, time management, leadership and the importance of meeting deadlines.

    Yearbook meetings take place twice per week in addition to at-home hours to complete assigned weekly tasks. While being a member of this club is a time commitment, members gain lifelong skills that will help them throughout college and in their careers, as well as a whole lot of fun creating the book together as a staff.

    The staff is always looking for organized students with these interests to join the team. Interested? Get rewarded and join yearbook. We'd love to have you! Contact the club moderator for more information!
    Moderators: Mimi Murphy and Amy Stoll


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