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In order for students to receive services, psychological evaluations must be current (administered within the past three years). Unfortunately, students who do not have up to date evaluations will not be provided with accommodation plans or assistance from the ASC.

The ASC staff supports students by:  

● Providing referrals for neuropsychology assessments to qualify for the ASC
● Advising and assisting during potential academic obstacles
● Recognizing and defining individual learning profiles
● Collaborating with classroom teachers to discuss the individual needs of ASC students
● Providing instruction in study skills, independent learning strategies, and self­ advocacy
● Providing guidance with long-term projects
● Allowing opportunities to study in groups and collaborate with other students
● Proctoring tests and exams with extended time
● Assisting in obtaining extended time for standardized testing
● Assisting in researching support services at the college level