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Sacramental Preparation

What are the premises of the Sacramental Preparation Program at MC?

Marin Catholic seeks to fulfill Christ’s great command to “make disciples of all the nations” (Mt. 28:19-20).  Students are regularly encouraged and invited into deeper conversion. MC encourages youth members to be actively engaged in their parishes and to receive the sacraments there.  However, a portion of students encounter Christ for the first time while at MC and desire baptism. Additionally, a portion of MC students who did not receive confirmation with their parishes desire to do so after being at Marin Catholic.

Marin Catholic offers sacramental preparation to teens seeking conversion and greater discipleship, and who were unable to receive the Sacraments through their parish in the usual manner.

Who can receive Confirmation?
  • typically junior and senior students
  • students who have received the Sacrament of Baptism
  • students who are NOT members of a parish offering Confirmation at their grade level
Who can receive the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation)?
  • Any sophomore, junior, or senior who:
    • Hopes to receive the Sacraments of Initiation
    • Completes the preparation program
    • Obtains consent of their parents
What are the specifics of the Sacramental Preparation classes?
1. Confirmation Class is offered once a week during lunch or as student schedules permit.
  • Students work through the Ascension Press “Chosen” Confirmation Program (program used in other dioceses and approved by the USCCB) with the Campus Ministry leader.
  • Students study the YouCat (a teen study guide to understanding the Catechism).
  • Students meet with a Spiritual Advisor (trusted adult practicing the faith).
  • Students attend a daytime Confirmation retreat.
2. RCIA Class is offered once a week during the lunch or as student schedules permit.
  • Catechist uses the RCIA Catechist’s Manual as a planning guide and ensures the major doctrines of the faith are covered.
  • Students receive a YouCat.  Catechist works through particular doctrines in conjunction with the YouCat.
  • Students watch the “Chosen” confirmation series.
  • Fr. Barron videos are used as an additional resource.
  • Each student has a Spiritual Advisor (trusted adult practicing the faith).
Additional events that take place during the year include a pilgrimage to the beautiful churches of San Francisco, as well as a retreat day.  Students in the RCIA program may participate in the following rites:
  • Rite of acceptance to the catechumenate
  • Rite of sending
  • Rite of election
  • Rite of presentation of creed
  • The three scrutinies
  • Rite of recitation of creed
What is the role of the Spiritual Advisor?
  • To “check in” with the student (regarding academics, athletics, emotional well being)
  • Pray with and for the student
  • Introduce certain devotional prayers to the student
  • Talk about prayer life and offer guidance
Who has acted as a Spiritual Advisor?
  • The Theology teachers
  • The Sisters
  • Tim Navone, Marin Catholic President
  • Campus Ministry
  • Monsignor Sheerin
What is the role of the Sponsor?
  • Pray for the student
  • Attend Sunday Mass with the student
  • Be present for rites and the Sacraments of Initiation
Who can be a Sponsor?
  • Sponsor must be older than sixteen yrs of age
  • Sponsor should be a person of faith who attends Sunday Mass
  • Sponsor could be the student’s Spiritual Advisor
Who do I contact if I am interested in going through the Sacramental Preparation Program?
Please contact Father Andrew Ginter, Chaplain at frginter@marincatholic.org.