Marin Catholic is a co-educational, college preparatory school committed to the development of the whole person. We strive to admit students who demonstrate the ability to succeed academically and who demonstrate a desire to participate in the extra-curricular activities of the school community. Acceptances are based on the following criteria:
  • Completed application. The application should be submitted online on or before the priority filing date, Friday, December 6, 2019.
  • Seventh and eighth-grade transcripts. Transcripts should indicate that the student is working successfully in their current studies and that their academic profile indicates they can be successful in our college prep curriculum.  Marin Catholic seeks to admit students who are positive contributors to their class and school communities through good marks and transcript notes by their teachers regarding their attitude, discipline, and effort.
  • Positive academic and personal recommendations. Letters of recommendation are useful to understand more about each prospective student and should be sent from the middle school. 
Recommendation forms:
Parochial school students - These forms will be handled by the current school the student attends and should be submitted to the Admissions Office by January 31, 2020.
Private and public school students - These forms will be emailed by the applicant to the teacher and counselor or administrator applicants have specified through the application portal. Instructions for this process will be outlined when a student application account is created. The due date for recommendations from private and public school applicants is January 31st.
Optional Clergy Recommendation Form- Click Here
  • Entrance Exam. Results of the Scholastic Testing Service’s High School Placement Test (HSPT) are used for admissions, as well as to place students in the appropriate course of study. Results must demonstrate that the student is able to meet the school's academic expectations. This exam is mandatory for all applicants to Marin Catholic. The HSPT entrance exam will be offered the morning of January 11, 2020. Some students, whose HSPT exam results indicate significant areas of weakness, will be required to attend a five-week summer school program as a condition of their admission to Marin Catholic. This summer school program typically begins mid-June.
  • Transcripts. Transcripts will be requested by Marin Catholic. The transcript release form is included in the application. 


The following is a general timeline of the admissions process for the 
Class of 2024 (those applying as incoming freshmen for Fall 2020).
  • Ongoing - Fill out our Online Inquiry Form
  • September-November - Student and Parent Visits available (see the "Visit Marin Catholic" page for specific dates)
  • September 2 - Applications Available Online
  • October 20 - Open House, 11:00-1:30pm
  • December 6 - Application Deadline
  • January 11 - High School Placement Test
  • January 15 - Completed Tuition Assistance Application Submitted to TADS
  • January 31- Recommendation Deadline
  • March 19 - Notification Day: Admissions letters mailed to parents notifying them of admissions decision from Admissions Office
  • March 20 - Electronic notification available after 4:00pm and tuition assistance awards emailed to parents