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Dress Code

Marin Catholic is committed to providing a safe, respectful environment for its staff and students. MC students are expected to follow our behavior guidelines, based on respect, at all times.

Enrolled families: Please refer to the Resource Board in MC Connect for the official Parent/Student Handbook which includes more detailed dress code information. 


Students are required to wear MC polos on regular school days. These polos are designed with the MC pawprint sewn on the side. The polos come in many colors and are purchased through the MILLS catalog at or by calling 1-800-541-1850.

Marin Catholic students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for school. While on campus, students are expected to be neatly groomed and modestly dressed. Hats or caps of any style (including ski caps and sweatbands) may not be worn during the school day.  
Attire for regular day dress:
  • Mills polo (fitted appropriately)
  • Pants (including regular jeans without destruction, holes or patches), khakis, shorts, and skirts (just above the knee)
  • No hats or hoods
  • No high heels


Liturgy or Mass days require more formal attire than regular school days. The following wardrobe items are mandatory for these occasions and must be purchased through the MILLS catalog at or by calling 1-800-541-1850.

  • Mills MC Uniform skirt in navy, khaki or plaid (skirts must be just above knee)
  • White Mills MC uniform button down shirt
  • Solid color socks or tights (blue, white, or black)
  • Flat dress shoes
  • Mills khaki or navy pants and belt
  • White Mills MC uniform button down shirt (tucked in) with tie
  • Dress shoes and socks
SENIOR OPTION ONLY: Mills MC uniform BLUE button down shirt

BELTS: Black, brown, or navy leather belts
OPTIONAL: Mills Sweaters: crew neck, cardigan, v-neck, vest in classic navy. Navy blue blazers and MC block

Jackets and Athletic Jackets. (
NOTE: No non-Mills or MC sweaters or jackets allowed over the wardrobe items)  

Additionally, Marin Catholic hosts a free uniform exchange program that is publicized through MC Notes at the start and end of each school year. Families with students who have either graduated or outgrown their uniforms donate items in good condition so that others may own and wear them. We simply ask that families leave what they can and take what they need.


On days specific athletic teams have a game, meet or tournament, athletes may wear their team polo or jacket (if they have one). All team polo shirts must have a collar, and teams with team jackets must still wear MC polos.