There are two Endowments to support at Marin Catholic:  
  • Tuition Assistance (Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment)
  • Teacher Recruitment & Professional Development (Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment)
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Endowed Fund for Tuition Assistance
The long-term financial stability of Marin Catholic is dependent upon the growth of its endowment.  Earned interest from the principal of this permanently endowed fund ensures tuition costs remain affordable and provides direct relief to families in need of tuition assistance.

In 2011, President Tim Navone renamed the St. John Neumann Endowment to the Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment, honoring the former President’s desire to make Marin Catholic education affordable to all who seek it.  

President Navone has focused on increasing the endowment to help alleviate the annual burden of an ever-increasing financial gap. Through fundraising, market growth, and sound fiscal stewardship, the Bishop Thomas A. Daly Endowment has grown from $1 million to $9.3 million in ten years.

Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment

Endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development
To ensure that Tom Lippi's vision and passion endure long after he retires, members of the Marin Catholic Board of Regents established the school's first permanently endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development. This fund is used for recruiting high-quality educators and for an expanding professional development budget for all Faculty. 

All award decisions are made based on the information provided in the TADS application process and on financial need. Most tuition assistance awards are funded by Marin Catholic's operating fund. In addition, there are Named Scholarship Awards, funded by generous donors, which are also awarded based on this same application process. Families applying for Archdiocese of San Francisco Scholarships should follow the instructions provided to them in the TADS application.

Scholarships in addition to Marin Catholic general tuition assistance include the following:

Alex Rayburn Memorial Endowed
Alten and Isetta Family Scholarship
Bryan Barry Kairos Scholarship Endowment
Blodgett Family Endowed Scholarship
Lori and John Buckley Family Scholarship
James and Dayle Burnes Endowed
Byrnes Family Endowed Scholarship
Craves Family Scholarship Endowed
Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment
Darrow Foundation
Dave Tuschen Art Scholarship
Desmond Family Endowed Scholarship & Desmond Science Endowed Scholarship
Dino Ghilotti Memorial Endowed
Dino "Dean" Ratto Memorial Endowed
Don Ritchie Memorial Scholarship
Drum Foundation
Esther M. Owens Memorial Endowed
Frank & Lois Noonan Endowed
The Carl Gellert & Celia Berta Gellert Foundation
Gilardi Family Endowed
Kate Graham Endowed Scholarship
Heredia Nelson Family Scholarship
Italian Language Scholarship
Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation
Joseph R. Parker Foundation
Kieckhefer Family Endowed Scholarship
Kroner Family Scholarship
Louise M. Davies Foundation
Jervis Family Endowed Scholarship 
Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment
MC Faculty & Staff Scholarship
Marna Maynard Memorial Endowed
McCullough Family Endowed Scholarship
Meave Family Poetry Contest
Michael Basso Memorial Scholarship
Moynier Family Endowed Scholarship
Noel Slakey Memorial Endowed
Noerr Family Endowed
Norma Geissberger Memorial Endowed
Page Family Scholarship
Pansini Family Scholarship
Paul Camera Memorial Scholarship
Violich Family Scholarship
Ronald Silveira Endowed Memorial
Ryan Murnig Memorial Scholarship
St. Sebastian CYO Basketball/Robert F. McCullough Jr. Scholarship Endowment
St. Mary Star of the Sea Church Scholarship/Bill White Scholarship
Strain Family Endowed Scholarship
Suski Family Scholarship
Vincent W. Pelleriti Family Scholarship
William L. Desmond Scholarship Fund
William Stamps Farish Foundation
Wolcott Family Endowed Scholarship