There are two Endowments to support at Marin Catholic:  
  • Tuition Assistance (Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment)
  • Teacher Recruitment & Professional Development (Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment)
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Endowed Fund for Tuition Assistance
The long-term financial stability of Marin Catholic is dependent upon the growth of its endowment.  Earned interest from the principal of this permanently endowed fund ensures tuition costs remain affordable and provides direct relief to families in need of tuition assistance.

In 2011, President Tim Navone renamed the St. John Neumann Endowment to the Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment, honoring the former President’s desire to make Marin Catholic education affordable to all who seek it.  

President Navone has focused on increasing the endowment to help alleviate the annual burden of an ever-increasing financial gap. Through fundraising, market growth, and sound fiscal stewardship, the Bishop Thomas A. Daly Endowment has grown from $1 million to $7.4 million in seven years.

Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment

Endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development
To ensure that Tom Lippi's vision and passion endure long after he retires, members of the Marin Catholic Board of Regents established the school's first permanently endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development. This fund is used for recruiting high-quality educators and for an expanding professional development budget for all Faculty.