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Meet the Performing Arts Team

Visual & Performing Arts Director
Ceramics Teacher

Mark was born and raised in Marin County and is a proud Marin Catholic alum from the class of 1997. Mark studied Art at UC Davis under the guidance of renowned artists such as Annabeth Rosen and Wayne Thiebaud. Mark has taught Ceramics in both Massachusetts and Sacramento before returning to Marin for his dream job at his alma mater in 2007.
Director of Dramatics

Carmen Doane-Barkan is a multi-talented performer, Catholic educator and mother of five, who has acted on Hollywood sets, voted in boardrooms, led congregations in song, and taught countless students to open up and express themselves in front of audiences. Though she has a Bachelor's degree in Ethnomusicology (UCLA), and a Master’s degree in Educational Studies (Loyola Marymount University), Carmen believes that the most valuable knowledge comes from life and the process of art-making. In her classes, students are invited to consider their own experiences and beliefs as stories worthy of being crafted and shared, which in turn shapes their experiences and beliefs. A transformative and constructivist teacher, who builds learning through meaningful encounters, Carmen is an inspirational guide for students discovering their artistic vision and voice, and sharing it confidently with others.
Performing Arts Teacher
Lily Jackson has been teaching Acting 1 at Marin Catholic since 2018, and has also taught Contemporary Music, directed the vocals for the Spring musicals, and mentored the Black Box Theatre Club, MC Live, and Theatre Tech club. A Bay Area native, she received her Bachelors in Theatre from Occidental College, where she focused on performance and teaching youth theatre. She continued her training at the London Dramatic Academy. Lily is a teaching artist, director, and performer working with schools and theatre companies throughout the Bay Area, including Berkeley Playhouse, Throckmorton Theatre, Bay Area Children's Theatre, and the Yes and Kiddo! Foundations.
Performing Arts Coordinator
Ben Lauffer is a multi-faceted musician who embodies a unique blend of artistic talent, educational expertise, spiritual awareness, and family values. With a deep passion for music and a talent for performance, Ben has made a name for himself as a skilled musician and sought-after educator. He approaches music education with a holistic perspective, incorporating mindfulness practices like meditation into his lessons to help students tap into their inner creativity. As a father, Ben values the importance of family and the role it plays in shaping one's life and worldview. Through his music, his teaching, and his personal values, Ben inspires others to live a life that is rich with purpose and fulfillment.
Music Teacher

Joe Pramik is a multi-talented musician and producer with a passion for music and education. A New School graduate, he has toured the world and worked in studios across New York before returning to his home in the Bay Area. He has continued to work as a drummer, producer, and educator, utilizing his vast experience and expertise to inspire and guide students of all ages and skill levels. He has a natural talent for providing a unique and dynamic learning environment, where students can develop their musical skills, creativity, and confidence. As a dedicated educator, he provides the highest quality music education and is beloved and respected in the music community for his contagious enthusiasm and dedication to helping students reach their full potential as musicians and individuals.