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Students applying for Financial Aid through their TADS account may also apply for the following Archdiocese Scholarship. Please see the details below. In addition to the Archdiocese scholarship, students that apply for Financial Aid may be awarded a Marin Catholic Scholarship or funds from our General Scholarship Fund. Please note that there are no specific scholarship applications and all scholarship awards are based on financial need and awarded by the Marin Catholic Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Committee.

Archdiocese of San Francisco Scholarship

As part of the Financial Aid application process, students may apply for this scholarship, which is administered by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Grants from the Archdiocese have ranged from $500 to $2,000 and require a complete application submitted for Marin Catholic Financial Aid. If students are interested in applying and meet the criteria below, they must follow the additional instructions for applying for this scholarship included on the TADS application. Families do not have to be Roman Catholic to be eligible for this award.

In general, families may qualify for the Archdiocese of San Francisco Scholarship if they meet all of the three following criteria:
  1. Live within the Archdiocese of San Francisco (Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco counties) 
  2. Will report adjusted annual gross income on a current income tax return of $85,000 or less
  3. Are active in their church and will be able and willing to provide a recommendation from clergy

Marin Catholic Scholarships

All scholarship award decisions are made based on the information provided in the TADS application process. Students may receive a Named Scholarship, funded by generous donors or funds from the General Scholarship fund. These scholarship awards are based on financial need and awarded by the Marin Catholic Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Committee. 


Alten and Isetta Family Scholarship
Bryan Barry Kairos Scholarship Endowment
Mary and Bob Basso Family Scholarship
Michael Basso Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn and John Biasotti Family Scholarship
Leslie and Keith Blodgett Family Endowed Scholarship
Kirsten and Todd Brockman Family Scholarship
Dayle and James Burnes Endowed Scholarship
Byrnes Family Endowed Scholarship
Civil Servant Families Scholarship
Royna Crane Johnson Memorial Endowment
Craves Family Endowed Scholarship
Bishop Thomas A. Daly Scholarship Endowment
Louise M. Davies Foundation Scholarship
Desmond Family Endowed Scholarship/Desmond Science Endowed Scholarship
Emmet Devlin Memorial Scholarship
William Stamps Farish Endowed Curricular Excellence Fund 
Norma and Louis Geissberger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gerken Family Scholarship
Dino Ghilotti Motta Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Susan and Dennis Gilardi Family Endowed Scholarship
Kate Graham Endowed Scholarship
Mick Hurley Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Italian Language Scholarship
Jervis Family Endowed Scholarship
Michael Kamplain Memorial Scholarship
Kieckhefer Family Endowed Scholarship
Ellen and John Kruger Family Scholarship
Tom Lippi Fund for the Future Endowment
Marin Catholic General Scholarship
Marna Maynard Memorial Endowed Scholarship
McCullough Family Endowed Scholarship
MC Faculty and Staff Scholarship
Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation Scholarship
Meave Family Poetry Contest
Coach Mazi Moayed Endowed Scholarship
Melinda Krause Moynier Family Endowed Scholarship
Noerr Family Endowed Scholarship
Lois and Frank Noonan Family Endowed Scholarship
Maura and Mariano Ochoa Family Scholarship
Esther M. Owens Memorial Endowed
Irene and Darryl Page Family Scholarship
Pansini Family Scholarship
Joseph W. Parker Foundation Scholarship
Vincent W. Pelleriti Family Endowed Scholarship
Claude Perasso Family Scholarship
Dino "Dean" Ratto Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Alex Rayburn Memorial Endowed
Coach Mike Saia Endowed Scholarship
St. Sebastian CYO Basketball/Robert F. McCullough Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
Selah Scholarship for the Performing Arts
Monsignor Robert Sheeran Endowed Scholarship
Ronald Silveira Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Noel Slakey Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Sloan and John Stobo Family Scholarship
St. Mary Star of the Sea Church Scholarship
Strain Family Endowed Scholarship
Treadway Family Scholarship
Susan Turbin Endowed Scholarship
Dave Tuschen Art Scholarship
Violich Family Scholarship
Wolcott Family Endowed Scholarship