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Sport     Coach Contact
Cheer     Sarah Segal cheer@marincatholic.org
Cross Country Wayne Patton and Keith McDonald crosscountry@marincatholic.org
Field Hockey Cristina Hefter    fieldhockey@marincatholic.org
Football Mazi Moayed     mmoayed@marincatholic.org
Men's Water Polo     Ryen Flint   
Women's Golf     Mike Miller     wgolf@marincatholic.org
Women's Tennis        Corey wtennis@marincatholic.org
Women's Volleyball      Jane Seslar wvolleyball@marincatholic.org
Women's Water Polo     Sophie Waldron     wwaterpolo@marincatholic.org
Sport     Coach Contact
Men's Basketball     Mike Saia     mbasketball@marincatholic.org
Women's Basketball     Ashley Saia     ashley.saia13@gmail.com
Men's Soccer     Jasper Garcia     msoccer@marincatholic.org
Women's Soccer     Kellis Johnson     wsoccer@marincatholic.org
Sport     Coach     Contact
Baseball     Jesse Foppert     baseball@marincatholic.org
Men's Golf     Mike Miller     mgolf@marincatholic.org
Men's Lacrosse     BJ Grill     mlax@marincatholic.org
Men's Swimming     Sophie Waldron     swimming@marincatholic.org
Men's Tennis     Brian Kaplan    mtennis@marincatholic.org
Men's Volleyball     Michael Allen     mvolleyball@marincatholic.org
Mountain Biking     Dallas Buchanan    mountainbiking@marincatholic.org
Softball     Dave Albini     softball@marincatholic.org
Track and Field     Wayne Patton and Keith McDonald track@marincatholic.org
Women's Lacrosse     David Trahan     wlax@marincatholic.org
Women's Swimming     Sophie Waldron     swimming@marincatholic.org