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Endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development


Long before BTSA, Teachers Observing Other Teachers, and professional development  budgets, there was Tom Lippi.  Over the past 40 years, Marin Catholic’s “Master Teacher”  has worked alongside his dedicated colleagues offering mentorship, advice, and guidance.  

Mr. Lippi has played a significant role in turning good teachers into great teachers, and good  departments into great departments.  While Marin Catholic English teachers credit Mr. Lippi with many of their successes, you will also find his name mentioned across all disciplines in terms of the “high bar” he sets in his ability to connect with students and in the mastery of his craft.  In 2009, Mr. Lippi became one of just 17 members in the Marin Catholic Distinguished Alumni circle, and is only the second classroom teacher to be represented there.  
In an effort to sustain Mr. Lippi’s vision for excellence in teaching, members of the MC Board of Regents have established the school’s first endowed fund for Teacher Recruitment and Professional Development. The Tom Lippi Fund for the Future will be a permanent endowed fund where distributions may be used for any purpose deemed appropriate to advance teacher recruitment, professional development, and professional growth, all priorities dear to Mr. Lippi.


Our long-term goal is to raise at least $750,000 in permanent endowed funds to underwrite our entire teacher professional development program.  We have already raised over $50,000 to get the program underway.  With this start, we can expect The Tom Lippi Fund for the Future to generate approximately $2,500 in distributions annually while we continue to grow the fund.   


Click here to make your gift today! Your commitment and generosity will strengthen the foundation of Marin Catholic and honor the tremendous example set forth by Mr. Tom Lippi.  Gifts to The Tom Lippi Fund for the Future can be made in different ways, including outright gifts in the form of cash or securities, pledges payable over two years, gifts of real estate or tangible property, or other planned giving vehicles.  For any gifts other than cash or marketable securities, please contact the Marin Catholic Advancement Office at 415-464-3843 about the feasibility of the school’s acceptance of the gift.