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Billy Smith

Founder, Bilio
Billy Smith is a Marin Catholic alumni and the founder of Bilio, a design consultancy established in 2015. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has worked with top companies like Patagonia and Apple. Smith was instrumental in launching Patagonia's first wetsuit program and established the first soft goods lab at Apple with the design team. He also introduced popular products like the first edition of Apple Watch bands, iPad covers, and iPhone cases.
With his brother, Nick Smith, by his side, Bilio has flourished from a garage based setup into a 10,000 square foot creative wonderland. Together, with a talented team of designers, creatives, engineers, and artists, Bilio collaborates with other founders and leaders seeking to push the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, design, material engineering, and manufacturing.
In his free time, Billy can be found along the coast of West Marin enjoying time with his son, learning to fish, and playing with Legos.