Dear Marin Catholic Parents and Athletes,

In 2009, amid growing concerns about sport-related concussions in young athletes, Marin Catholic High School partnered with Dr. Eric J. Freitag, a neuropsychologist and expert on concussion assessment and care. We were one of the first high schools in Northern California to offer a comprehensive sport concussion assessment and management program.

During the past six years we have completed 1245 baseline tests and treated 229 athletes who have sustained concussions. This program has provided us with an effective tool in ensuring that Marin Catholic athletes have recovered from their concussion and are returned to the field safe, healthy and ready!

The goal of the Marin Catholic sport concussion program is twofold: First, we utilize objective, highly sensitive, computerized neurocognitive testing called ImPACT™ as an effective tool in determining when an athlete has recovered from their injury and is safe to return to athletic participation. Our injury management protocol is a similar approach used by the NFL, Major League Soccer, and several NCAA schools. Our second goal is to ensure that our athletes, coaches, staff and parents are educated in proper concussion management and care. To that end, Dr. Freitag has provided several presentations to parents, athletes and coaches on concussion education. In addition, since last year, every Marin Catholic coach has to complete an online multimedia educational program on concussion management in young athletes.

For the 2015-2016 school year, the Marin Catholic Concussion Program will not be an additional cost for individual enrollment, but rather be paid for as a part of your customary athletic fees. We will offer three baseline clinics for the 2015-2016 school year. These clinics will be announced with school announcement, websites, and e-mails. It is very important that you have your child tested on one of these days; there will not be further tests during the school year. We would like students to have a new baseline every two years. If your child has been tested at another facility, we would like them to have a new baseline on file with Marin Catholic. Ideally, students will get a baseline as a Freshman and a Junior. If you are unsure if your student athlete needs a new baseline you can contact me via e-mail.

Our first baseline clinic for the 2015-2016 school year will be held this Spring! Please save the date for Friday, May 8​at 12:15​. Testing will take place in the Saint John Paul II Student Center immediately after flex dismissal. Due to the expected increase in participants for this program, we would like to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THAT ANY ​FALL SPORT​ATHLETE GET TESTED DURING THE SPRING BASELINE CLINIC ON MAY 8​. By completing the baseline test this Spring, you can ensure that the Fall baseline testing will not interfere with any practice times or games. There is no need to sign up in advance. We have the capability to test 50 students at one time and testing takes approximately 30 minutes. Multiple test session will be held to accommodate all that show up.

A second and third baseline clinic will be scheduled for August 12 ​​following freshman orientation and August 21 following flex dismissal, exact times to follow​. This will also take place in the Saint John Paul II Student Center. Finally, to coincide with the Baseline Clinics, Dr. Freitag will be giving a presentation on concussion education. This will be on August 20 in conjunction with the Frosh/Transfer Student-Parent information night. There is no need to sign-up prior to testing. Testing will be on a first come basis and there will be multiple testing session, all athletes will be tested.

For more information on the Sport Concussion Program, please visit You may also contact me: Jamie Waterman (Marin Catholic, Certified Athletic Trainer) for specific questions regarding the Marin Catholic Concussion Program.

Jamie Waterman, ATC, Marin Catholic

Eric J. Freitag, Psy.D, Executive Director, Mt. Diablo Memory Center