Living Out Our Christian Values

An integral part of the educational experience at Marin Catholic College Preparatory is the 100-hour service component which has students live out the school mission of Faith, Knowledge, and Service in their community. Our Christian service learning as an educational concept combines students doing volunteer service in the community with reflection and classroom connections in order to deepen understanding. As a school, we want students to reflect on their service, to gain understanding about people’s lives and witness how our society does or doesn’t take care of its most vulnerable members. The focus is on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching and the responsibility each of us has to the greater world around us while living out the gospel values.

Freshman Christian Service Volunteer Events

Each season of the school year, there is a volunteer parent group that organizes a Christian Service event for freshmen. These events have often included feeding the hungry in the Glide Memorial Dining Room in San Francisco, bowling with special ability friends from Jessica’s Haven, and organizing a carnival for seniors at affordable housing communities like Warner Creek Apartments.
Freshmen who participate, start their journey of Christian Service by making a difference in the lives of people in need, volunteering alongside A group of classmates, and understanding the rewards of compassion and kindness.
  • Each event fulfills five hours with "People in Need" (PIN hours).
  • These events fulfill the five-hour requirement of student and parent Christian Service together. 
  • Each event is planned for a Friday (flex day).
  • Transportation is provided by parent carpools.


Last October, a group of freshmen and their parents served nearly four hundred meals to the guests at Glide Memorial Church in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco. Not only did they serve meals, these students also spent time with the guests. Many of the guests had stories to share with students, some guests sat and prayed over their meals, and a handful of guests came through the line more than five times. MC students and their accompanying parents made a difference for the people they served that day, by treating them with dignity and compassion.
"Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God."
- Micah 6:8


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