Junior, Spencer Petras, described his first encounter with Holy Hour, “Growing up, I had never been a religious person.” Spencer reflected,  “I never went to church, was never baptized, and overall didn’t have any experiences with God. I had no idea what God could do to me in my life. “    Attending Holy Hour changed that.   Spencer says, “I felt God’s love and influence like I never had before. I wholeheartedly believe that God was speaking to me directly and answering my prayers. I felt an extreme peace come over me and I felt wonderful. It was indescribable, but I just felt an intense joy that I had never experienced before.  It was an unbelievable experience that led me to making my faith a priority in my life. The greatest part about Eucharistic Adoration, is that this feeling is not limited to a single experience. It doesn't end once Adoration ends. I keep coming back to Holy Hours because I experience God’s love every time I kneel before the Eucharist.”
What happens at Holy Hour?   The MC community comes together in prayer.   Sr. Rose and a band of talented student musicians lead praise and worship music.  The Eucharist is exposed and God is present in the room.    Praying with others, students and adults alike take time to reflect on their lives, to ask questions from the heart, and to listen to God speak in the silence.   Senior Alison Schultz remarks, “The experience is deceptively simple: sitting humbly in the presence of the Eucharist while music plays, or you sing along. From the outside it doesn’t seem like it will change anything,…But two things changed for me the first time I enjoyed Holy Hour.  Firstly, I felt a warm and personal connection to God. I also felt peace.”   Retuning to Holy Hour many times since then, Alison has continued to feel the power of God in prayer and the Eucharist.   She describes Holy Hour as finding deep inner joy.   Alison says, “That’s the thing about Holy Hour- it helps you understand that all your worries are in God’s hands, and that whatever the outcome, there is a plan in progress. Knowing this, and feeling it for yourself, makes you feel content at your very core.”
Senior Olivia Falco, who also regularly gives up a weekend night to pray, agrees. “Adoration has always been a powerful time for me because I can reflect on all the ways in which God has been working in my life.”   Olivia comments,  “I can let myself be completely filled with the peace and the joy that He brings.  Knowing that God is in control takes a huge burden off my chest, and allows me to be vulnerable and to be myself because that is who he made me to be.”
Next semester when it is a Sunday evening and the night is young, check the MC calendar.   If it is a Holy Hour night, come out and see for yourself.   God is doing great things at MC!