Marin Catholic has a four-year comprehensive Retreat Program that builds intellectually, spiritually and socially, from the student's previous experience. Each school year, each class has a retreat experience in the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year. Programs range in scope from reflective, spiritual days to community building and service. Our students are taken off campus to participate in one or more of our venues each year.

Freshman year the student's look at the beginning of their own faith journey in the Fall, and end the year on a day of building trust on a ropes course.
Sophomore year focuses on the message of the gospels and how this relates to us in our world today.
Junior year puts the gospel into action in a service retreat held at St. Anthony's Dining Hall and a reflection of the experience back on campus.
Senior year witnesses students taking ownership of their own faith journeys through the four-day Senior Kairos Retreat and the many leadership roles the seniors play at the lower division retreats.

Faculty and Staff play a vital role in our campus ministry programs by working with the students in the preliminary planning stages to participating in the activities and working side by side with the students and even witnessing to their own faith journeys.

If you would like to be part of the Campus Ministry student leadership team or help plan and lead one of our retreats, please contact Nicole Florin (by phone at 415-464-3889 or via email at

Also, come visit us in the Campus Ministry Office in the 800 building. We're right next to the chapel.