Entering high school is a time of change, but with the help of the Seniors and Juniors who apply to be leaders for the youngest members of the MC community, the transition goes smoothly. Leaders meet freshmen the day before the school begins and retreat together. The Link Crew groups go on the Frosh Retreat and meet during finals to help each other study.

Roar Core

A new initiative at Marin Catholic, Roar Core leaders make sure all student activities are publicized and supported and lead the spirit section at student events.


Each year, 10 seniors are elected to represent the student body. The offices of ASB are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Publicity Officers, 2 Social Media, 1 Secretary, 1 Outreach Chair, 2 Activities. ASB affords leadership opportunities to guide the student experience. They coordinate rallies, plan dances, select spirit days and keep the student body updated with news and initiatives.  




Few high schools do Homecoming like Marin Catholic. A September rally kicks off this event culminating with a home football game and dance in the decorated gym. The princesses and princes are announced at this event.


This winter dance traditionally is a girls-ask-guys event, but anything goes! The weeks leading up to the dance see students finding all sorts of fun ways to ask a date/friend to Turnabout! This end of winter dance parallels the homecoming dance as the dance is centered around the announcement of the turnabout princes and the crowning of the turnabout king.
    • Junior Prom

Junior Prom

Held in mid-April, this special dance for the junior class is held on a yacht - with students enjoying dinner, karaoke, dancing, and more! Students dressed in their finest depart from the Sausalito ferry terminal. The yacht embarks on a round trip under the Golden Gate.
One of the last events of the year, Senior Ball is a treasured tradition at Marin Catholic. Traditionally held in mid-May, all of our seniors are invited to a dance at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco! Girls and guys dressed up and head to the city to have dinner and dance the night away.

Father Daughter / Mother Son

Another Unique aspect of Marin Catholic’s student activities are our annual mother/son and father/daughter dances. Each year fathers and daughters and mothers and sons enjoy a dance in the fall. Students love the fun and quality time with their parents and special friends!



Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics is a bi-annual rally that focuses on increasing class unity and building community through an Olympic style interclass competition with challenges such as pass the person, 3-pointer, match up, obstacle course. Each class comes to school decked in their class color gear. Class colors are a tradition at MC; each year the incoming freshman class gets a color that they maintain through graduation.

Blue & White

Blue and White Rally 2015 marked the debut of MC’s blue and white rally, a boys vs. girls that includes faculty in the competition. Boys come to school dressed in all blue and girls in all white. The rally features games such as Pass the Person, Caterpillar, Musical Pillows, and Headbandz and competition is fierce.

Homecoming & Turnabout

Dance seasons are kicked off with rallies. ASB introduces the theme of the dances with various themed spirit days. Following the theme introduction, students and gather and perform mini-skits to introduce each spirit day and introduce the year’s princesses and princes’


Seniors enjoy many class specific activities that celebrate their ranking. Activities include Kairos, breakfast group class photo, senior vs. faculty basketball game, princesses/queens kings/princes for each of Homecoming and Turnabout dances, Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, senior community day in Occidental & more!

Seniors vs. Faculty Basketball Game

An annual January event is a favorite among the student body. The seniors face off against the faculty in a rally-type event. Seniors show up decked out in full basketball gear to take on their teachers. The twist? No one on the basketball team is allowed to play! There are always lots of laughs and the competitive spirit really comes out -- uniting the senior class as well as the student body as they try to defeat the teachers. At halftime, we recognize our winter sports with poems about each team, written by ASB, and a half time dance by our  dance team.

Senior Breakfast

Just before graduation the senior class is celebrated at a senior dinner. This past year, ASB was proud to host the first ever senior breakfast to kick off the year. This event, saw the entirety of the senior class gathered on the football field for early-morning doughnuts and juice. This event reflects the ideals of the Marin Catholic community: unity and friendship.




Many students spend lunchtime in the Cafeteria, but it also a great time for students to participate in clubs or other activities. MC has an Engineering Club, a Science Alliance, a Creative Writing Club, and a Math Club! Non-academic clubs include Ping-Pong Club, St. Vincent de Paul, Semper Fi, Girls League, Gentlemen’s League, Art Club, and MC Vision. Don’t have time for a club, but still want some fun at lunchtime? ASB hosts a number of lunchtime activities throughout the year. Fan favorites are our holiday movies in the cafeteria and our prince and princess activities during homecoming and turnabout season!