Over 80% of Marin Catholic students are enrolled in visual or performing arts.  Each year, the Patrons provide volunteer support for the Art events at Marin Catholic, promoting awareness of the Arts Program to members of the community.  The Patrons also provide direct financial support to the Arts through membership donations and direct contributions.
The Arts are an integral part of the Marin Catholic education, and our program is one which allows each student opportunities for growth in his imaginative, emotional, and sensory abilities through guided experiences in each art medium, working with faculty who are accomplished artist in their own fields, as well as educators. Marin Catholic believes that studying the arts is an essential component of educating the whole person, and thus offers a broad and stimulating Arts curriculum exciting to all levels of artists.

Past support includes:
  • Music Room upgrades & materials
  • Visual Arts room upgrades & materials
  • Support of various art shows, including our annual Art Extravaganza
  • Support for all music and theatrical performances throughout the year.
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