SAT at Marin Catholic: November 7, 2020

Please check back regularly for important information about the SAT on November 7.
We are excited to offer this opportunity on Saturday, November 7 -please plan to arrive at 7:30am in front of the gym for check-in. There is parking available.

Please read through the following information in order to be prepared for the day.

Health and Safety
    • All students need to be wearing a mask.
    • We strongly encourage bringing an extra mask and hand sanitizer.
    • Health and safety is our primary focus - we cannot stress enough.
    • All students must wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart.  
  • If students are not compliant with these rules they will be asked to leave the testing environment.

The morning will be cool, so please dress accordingly.

Arrival time to campus
Please arrive by 7:30am 

Testing Locations
All students will be testing in the following areas:
  • Gymnasium
  • SJPII Center

SAT SUBJECT EXAMS: Please check-in at the gym and then go to your classroom. Please follow the signs to the stairs to the right of the front of the gym and turn left into the outside hallway - your exam session will be held in room 200

Check-in Process
Adhere to six-foot distance when waiting for check-in.

Be ready to:
  1. State your name
  2. Set your ID on check-in table 
  3. Step back to designated mark
  4. When asked - be ready to briefly remove your mask for identification purposes. Please immediately place mask back on.

Once cleared, you will be directed on where to leave your cell phone and receive your seat assignment. There will be a specific designated place to leave your cell. We will have a post-it with your name ready for you to use.

OPTIONAL: If you’d like to place your cell in a small ziplock, please bring your own.

Any electronic devices such as an iWatch or cell phone or any device with internet capabilities must all be placed in the designated area. We encourage you to bring only your cell phone.

Be certain after check-in, your cell or any other device is TURNED OFF. Disruptions with sound can result in score cancellation.

Per College Board Policy:
Using phones or other unauthorized electronic devices isn’t permitted during testing or breaks. If you do use these devices, or if your device makes any noise, we will have to: DISMISS you from testing, CANCEL your scores, CONFISCATE your phone or device

Please bring your seat ticket with you to your seat.

  • Get settled and remain at your seat. 
  • Place your seat ticket in your work area.
  • Everything (snack, water, calculator, PPE, etc.) must be placed under your seat except number 2 pencils - NO MECHANICAL PENCILS 

WE WILL GET GOING ASAP. Please be prepared.

Timing of the Exam
The length of the exam is 3 hours (add 50 minutes for the optional essay). We need to include initial setup, breaks, and the time for closing so we believe that the exam will finish between 1:00-2:00pm. No students will be released early from the exam.

What to do prior to the exam on Friday Evening.

Get ready:
  • Calculator. Please make sure that you have read the calculator policy and that your calculator is approved. We will not be able to loan calculators to any students.
  • Pack several sharpened number 2 pencils. NO mechanical pencils.
  • Review needed materials for check-in. Make sure you have your identification items ready or accessible.
  • Pack your mask and hand sanitizer
  • Get a good night's sleep. 

Optional to bring:
  • A small snack and a water

Some specific reminders:
  • Please leave campus immediately and quietly after your testing session is dismissed- other groups may still be testing.
  • Students cannot be late - once the exam begins we cannot admit a late student
  • We strongly encourage reviewing all the instructions posted on the College Board website. 
  • Cancelations payments are done through the College Board.

Website: Students will find up-to-date information regarding closings at

Thank you! Stay safe. Be prepared. Good luck!

We strongly recommend reviewing information on the College Board SAT website if you have questions or concerns.

Your ID must be a valid (unexpired) photo ID that’s government issued or from the school you currently attend. Even if an ID or admission ticket photo got you into a test center before, it may not be acceptable at another time.

Forms of valid photo ID are:
  • Government-issued driver’s license, driver’s permit (with photo), or non-driver ID card.
  • Official student ID card from the school you currently attend.
  • School IDs from the prior school year are valid through December of the current academic year. For example, school IDs from 2019-20 can be used through December 31, 2020.
  • Government-issued passport.
  • Government-issued military or national ID card (such as the U.S.Global Entry identification card).
  • SAT Student ID Form.

ID documents must:
  • Be an original (not photocopied).
  • Show your full name exactly as it appears on your admission ticket, including the order of the names.
  • Show a recent recognizable photograph that matches your appearance on test day and your admission ticket photo.
  • Be in good condition, with legible English language text.

Acceptable Calculators
  • Only battery-operated, handheld equipment can be used for testing.
  • No power cords are allowed. A list of acceptable graphing calculators is given online at Calculators permitted during testing include:
  • Most graphing calculators
  • All scientific calculators
  • All four-function calculators (not recommended) 

SAT Test Center Covid-19 Safety Screening
Testing staff will administer this survey verbally to all students and deny entry to any student who doesn't confirm all the statements below or refuses to answer them. We also ask that you stay home if you are not feeling well the morning of the exam.

  • In the past 14 days, I have not come into close contact (within 6 feet) with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 test or is presumed to have Covid-19.
  • I do not have Covid-19 or have reason to believe I have Covid-19. Symptoms of Covid-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, a new loss of taste or smell.
  • To my knowledge, I am not violating any travel restrictions or quarantine requirements.
  • I agree to wear a mask the entire time I'm at this test center and follow instructions from test center staff, otherwise, I will be dismissed.
  • We have taken measures to help create a safe testing environment; however, it isn't possible to entirely remove the risk of covid-19 exposure. By entering the testing room, you're accepting that risk.