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    Christmas Vacation

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    Christmas Vacation

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    Christmas Vacation

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    Christmas Vacation

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    Christmas Vacation

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    FAFSA Workshop via Zoom

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    Faculty & Staff Retreat

  3. 9

    MC Admissions Application Deadline

    Kairos Retreat #58

    Faculty & Staff Opening Meeting

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    Kairos Retreat #58

    First Day of Classes

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    Kairos Retreat #58

  6. 12

    Kairos Retreat #58

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    FAFSA Workshop via Zoom

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday - No School

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    College Project for Juniors AM CATS Mandatory Meeting (Part 1 Assigned)

    TADS Tuition Assistance 2024-25 Deadline

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    Parent Advisory Board Meeting

    MC Library
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    Eligibility in Effect

    The GPA determines ELIGIBILITY for participation in all extra-curricular activities/athletics for the grading period (midterm reports and semester report cards). A student who receives a GPA in any grading period of less than 2.0 is placed on ACADEMIC DISQUALIFICATION.  For more information please look at the student handbook or contact the Dean of Studies.

    Board of Regents Meeting

    Library Media Room
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    All School Mass: Mass for Life

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    Boosters Crab Feed

    The Athletic Boosters Crab Feed is a time-honored, casual tradition open to all Athletic Boosters and Patrons of the Arts members. This family-style dinner is a 21 and-over event (no students, please!) and includes not only fresh crab but several Italian dishes to share. Tickets are non-transferable or refundable and are limited to 2 tickets per member family.
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    Junior Overnight Retreat #2

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    Junior Overnight Retreat #2

    Drama Showcase

    Sophomore Service Day w/ REC Inc.

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    Drama Showcase

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    Catholic Schools Week

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    Catholic Schools Week

    Freshman Class Schedule Meeting: AM CATS Mandatory Meeting

    SJPII Student Center
    Our next 9th Grade Mandatory Grade Level Meeting will be Jan 30th during AM CATS. We will be meeting in the JPII to review course scheduling for next year. 
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    Catholic Schools Week

    Understanding How Colleges Assess Your Ability to Pay and Aid Eligibility 

    Recommended for 10th grade: Understanding How Colleges Assess Your Ability to Pay and Aid Eligibility 
    This workshop details the financial factors colleges use to determine your expected contribution and actions to maximize financial aid eligibility. This workshop supports families with in-depth knowledge of how the applications’ (FAFSA and CSS Profile) formulas assess their income and assets so that families can make decisions earlier in high school to increase their eligibility. 

    Zoom Link:
    Workshop: Understanding How Colleges Assess Your Ability to Pay and Aid Eligibility
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