2020-21 School Year

The Marin Catholic administration, faculty, and staff have been working hard to redesign the 2020–2021 school year as we continue to follow the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape. In accordance with local mandates, Marin Catholic continues to take precautions to keep health and safety the priority for all students, families, faculty and staff while maintaining the spiritual and intellectual formation of students through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.

Updates & Resources

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  • Reminders for On-Campus Safety

    Masks: Masks need to be worn upon exiting the car and until students get back in the car at the end of the day (unless eating and drinking). Masks need to be worn correctly covering the nose, no bandanas.
    Social Distancing: Keep 6 feet social distancing. Use the marked blue tape for distance guidelines during lunch and breaks. 
    Pathways: Enter campus via class-level pathways, and follow one-way traffic during the school day.
    Ruvna Health Screen: The screening needs to be filled out by parent or guardian prior to students entering campus each day.
    PPE: Students will need to bring their own cleaning supplies to maintain both their personal hygiene and workspace throughout the day. This is not the only way we are keeping surfaces and spaces clean, but it helps out a lot and it ensures that students are doing their part for their own safety. Please pack up supplies every night in preparation for the following school day. 
    For any additional questions, please review the School Safety Plan.
  • County Guidelines and Quarantine Procedures

    We delayed returning to in-person learning to provide the safest environment possible for all of us following the Christmas Break. You have already received reminders on how to support this but we would like to re-emphasize here. We were able to administer over 800 COVID tests last Saturday (results are still coming in) as part of the safety plan. We will return to our on-campus procedures on January 19, which, of course, includes the daily Ruvna screening, masking, and social distancing. But none of this will matter much if families are not taking the proper steps to look out for others. Some of you have had the opportunity to travel outside of the Bay Area over the break and during these first two weeks of Distance Learning. Please be reminded from Marin Public Health: 

    “If you choose to travel outside the Bay Area, it is strongly recommended that you self-quarantine for 10 days after your return if your activities while traveling put you at higher risk of getting COVID-19. If after 5 days you are tested and receive a negative result, the quarantine is lifted.”

    For the good of all, we ask that families who have chosen to travel outside of the Bay Area over these past two weeks adhere to the County’s recommendations for quarantining. 
  • Opt-Out Form and Absences

    We have revitalized and reworked our Opt-Out form and procedures. Our goal is to create the best conditions possible for students and their teachers, and one way we can do this is to have certainty on who will be on campus at any given time. To this end, we ask families to commit to in-person (and in-cohort) learning or opt-out of in-person learning. Our default is that students are opting into in-person learning. If this is your case, there is nothing to do except wash the polo and get the backpack in order. IF YOUR STUDENT IS OPTING OUT OF IN-PERSON LEARNING FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER, PLEASE SUBMIT THE OPT-OUT FORM WHICH PARENTS CAN FIND BY LOGGING INTO THEIR MC CONNECT ACCOUNT. THIS FORM IS DUE BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 15. 

    We expect absences from time to time, of course, and students who are absent on occasion can always attend classes on Zoom.  

    Any questions regarding opting out should be directed to your student’s counselor.
  • Vaccines for School Employees

    Marin County officials have a good plan for the disbursement of the vaccine, and like everything else these days, it is based on a tier system. Tier 1A is made up of frontline health care workers, and that is happening right now. Tier 1B is next up and includes all school employees--faculty, staff, administrators, coaches, subs, and food service workers. We have just submitted our personnel data to the County so that we will be able to access the vaccine as soon as they move to Tier 1B. I imagine that most employees will get the vaccine right away, but the Archdiocese has been clear that it will not be mandated. And while the vaccine is an important safeguard, I do not expect that mass vaccination for school employees will have an immediate effect on our hybrid schedule, social distancing, or masking procedures. 
  • Back to Distance Learning for the rest of the school year

    We will be moving to Distance Learning for the rest of the semester starting December 8. This means all classes will be conducted remotely via Zoom through December 18. Click here to view Mr. Valdez's email from December 7.
  • Deadlines Sign up for Covid Testing in December & January

    Wednesday, December 16th
    Thursday, December 10th 
    Saturday, January 9th
    Tuesday, January 5th 
    Click here for more information and to sign up.


We developed a Health & Safety Team to help us navigate the Kairos Days Program so we are best prepared on what we need to address when we are able to start school in the hybrid mode. Any health & safety questions and concerns should go to Jamie Waterman who is leading this excellent team.

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  • Photo of Jamie Waterman

    Jamie Waterman 

    Athletic Trainer
  • Photo of Adam Callan

    Adam Callan 

    Director of Athletics for Men's Sports, History
  • Photo of Emily Morris

    Emily Morris 

  • Photo of Tony  Popovich

    Tony  Popovich 

    Strength & Conditioning

MC Campus Safety Protocols

    • 2020 Health & Safety Video


  • Health and Safety - prioritize the health & safety of all students, families, faculty and staff.
  • Mission as usual -- the spiritual and intellectual formation of students in community through curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.
  • In Community -- plan to have all students on campus as frequently as possible
  • Flexibility and Versatility -- be flexible and ready to change based on circumstances and directions from the San Francisco Archdiocese, the Marin County Office of Education, and Marin Public Health

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How to safely arrive to campus

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